October 9, 2018

We look forward to working with you to get information out to the community of Lowell through advertising, announcements, and classifieds.  Our Around Town page is a great way for any business or organization to highlight a menu, weekly special/sale, or promotion.

Whether you have an established or new business, we can help you reach thousands of people on a daily basis.  During the month, each  advertiser will also receive one post on the following social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – promoting your business.  Your banner, skyscraper, or business card sized ad will also be seen daily on our website and when clicked, visitors will be directed to a website of your choice.

If you are interested in publishing an announcement with us, they will remain on our website and can be found filed under the appropriate category.  A link to your announcement can easily be sent to friends and family.  See our announcement information page for additional information.

Additionally, we can help your business or organization in ways other than advertising.

4 Ways to Share Your Business on Lowell’s First Look

Business Profile: It’s our goal to profile as many Lowell businesses as possible. If we haven’t written about your business yet, let us know! We’d love to share with readers information about your history, mission and products.

Press Release: Do you have an event coming up or a business announcement to share? Send us a press release! Depending on the topic and our editorial calendar, we publish some press releases as submitted. If we decide the topic merits a full article, we’ll be in touch for further information.

Guest Post: If you have expertise in particular area, we invite you to share your knowledge with readers in a guest post. These articles provide valuable information to readers while providing you with a byline and link back to your business. You write the article, but we reserve the right to edit for length and clarity if needed. Examples of guest posts could be “5 Fashion Trends to Watch for the Summer Season” or “How to Get Your House Prepped for a Quick Sale.” Topics must be approved in advance, and guest contributors are limited to one article per month.

Sponsored Post: Use a sponsored post when you have a specific message you want to convey to readers. You select the topic, we write the article and you get to approve it prior to publication. The best sponsored posts are often informational in nature (such as guest posts) but integrate information about your product or service. This approach is more likely to be shared by readers or found via search engines. However, sponsored posts can also be promotional (i.e. announcing a new product line). We reserve the right to decline any sponsored post that does not align with our site’s core values.

Business Profile


Press Release Guest Post Sponsored Post
Content Type Informational Newsworthy Informational Informational




Once As Appropriate Monthly Unlimited
Who Writes?


We do You do You do We do


At our discretion At our discretion At our discretion Guaranteed
Do you get to review prior to publication?


No Yes* Yes Yes
Cost Free Free Free $75

(Discounts available)

*Press releases may be published as submitted, or we may choose to write a longer article about an event or announcement. In that case, the article is treated as any other news article and not shared prior to publication.