5 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for June 2024

We have hit the halfway point of the year. Time to revisit the New Year’s resolutions and summer bucket list since it seems like time only speeds up once you reach July.

Last month, we published 45 times on Lowell’s First Look and covered a wide range of school, government and business news. However, five items rose to the top: one letter to the editor and four articles.

Here are the five most popular stories on Lowell’s First Look for June 2024, based on website views.

5. Letter to the Editor: Flat River Overgrowth Needs to be Addressed

This letter to editor seemed to say what many people have been thinking: the Flat River is looking a little overgrown. In fact, since this letter was published, we’ve heard one local official note that the east channel of the river is almost impassable because of vegetation in the waterway. Then, at a city council meeting, a local resident offered to have a study of the river completed to determine how best to address the overgrowth. We understand that study has since been completed and the findings will be presented at a future city council meeting.

4. Celebrating the Legacy of Lowell Area Schools Retiring Educators and Staff

As the school year drew to a close, Lowell Area Schools said farewell to more than 10 staff members who are retiring. These include teachers, bus drivers and administrative staff who have decades of experience. Our article recognizing these individuals was the fourth most-read story in June 2024.

3. PFAS Detected in Vergennes Twp Wells

A few years back, the state changed the level of PFAS chemicals that could be contained in drinking water. The new lower levels mean we might see an uptick in the number of wells deemed to be contaminated. In June, the state identified O E Bieri Industrial Drive as an area of interest as water sampled from a new well there was found to have reportable levels of PFAS. Other wells in the vicinity are in the process of being tested now.

2. New Baseball Complex Planned for Lowell

You may have seen the sign on Foreman Street: a new baseball complex is being planned for Lowell. While the land has already been donated, the project still needs to raise a considerable amount in order to level a hill, create the fields and add parking and a concessions pavilion. This was the second most-popular article on Lowell’s First Look in June. On Facebook, most comments were in support of the project although some people expressed concerns about traffic and the loss of wildlife habitat.

1. Big Boiler to Close, Reopen as Hop Hog

People seem to have strong opinions about Big Boiler Brewing with some loving the local restaurant and others being less than impressed. Every article we’ve written about the eatery has generated significant interest and conversation, but our top article for June may be the last one we write about Big Boiler. That’s because Big Boiler is no more – the restaurant has been temporarily closed while it is transformed into Hop Hog.

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