Breaking Legs Debuts This Weekend

Larkin’s Other Place will be bustling this weekend as LowellArts Theater presents Breaking Legs.   The comedy is directed by Sue Bradford who has been part of LowellArts for nearly 40 years. She brings to her role experience acting, directing, producing, and stage managing.  The show opens this weekend with shows Friday and Saturday evening. Future shows take place the following two weekends, with a Sunday, April 28 matinée.

Love and Laughter
Bradford describes the play as being about family.  She says there is love between a father and daughter and between friends with a love story woven throughout.  The play is set in an Italian restaurant which happens to be owned by a local mobster. When his daughter’s former professor comes seeking financial support for a play he has written the family becomes interested in the prospect.  The professor soon discovers the family has first-hand knowledge of the subject of this play – murder – through their dealings with organized crime.

Gary Soentgen, Matt Tawney, Ken Parrish, and John P. Foley (l to r) having a discussion in an Italian restaurant, the setting of Breaking Legs.

The stage at Larkin’s Other Place will give way to a cast of John P. Foley, Amy McDaniel, Matt Tawney, Ken Parrish, Gary Soentgen, and Jeff Stacer as “murder and menace are served up with plenty of pasta and laughter”.  Those familiar with LowellArts Theater will recognize Foley, Tawney, and Parrish from past productions. “With this cast, some are old friends, and some are new friends – they respect the art and work very hard.” says Bradford of those she directs.  

Returning to Lowell
Some of those involved with LowellArts Theater have performed on stages in Grand Rapids and elsewhere, but they continue to come back to Lowell.  For some it was their first experience with local theater. It’s a great place to start with community theater, especially if there’s a little intimidation in the beginning working with bigger organizations.  Many of those who have branched out in theater productions often return to Lowell because it was such a good experience. The small community feel and friends made throughout the years are just two reasons for returning.  

Matt Tawney, Amy McDaniel, and John P. Foley (l to r) rehearsing a scene.

When asked why the theater scene in Lowell has continued to be strong for so many years, Bradford replies, “Great support and encouragement from the LowellArts Board and local businesses who faithfully invest in advertising and attending our productions.”  

Reserve Your Seat
Final preparations are being made this week for opening night.  The set is coming together, lines are being refined, dress rehearsals will take place.  The cast and crew invite you to come see the LowellArts Theater spring comedy!

Information about Breaking Legs, including links to purchase tickets can be found online.  Tickets can also be purchased by calling LowellArts or stopping in during their hours of operation.  See just the play or come early and have dinner as well. Each week’s dinner has an Italian theme. The comedy is not one to miss!

Showtimes are as follows (dinner begins at 6:30pm):
Friday, April 19 at 7:30pm
Saturday, April 20 at 7:30pm
Friday, April 26 at 7:30pm
Saturday, April 27 at 7:30pm
Sunday, April 28 at 2pm (show only, no meal)
Friday, May 3 at 7:30pm
Saturday, May 4 at 7:30pm  

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