Dairy Discovery Plans Record Setting Event for World Milk Day

If all goes well, more than 6,000 people will be enjoying a cup of milk next Tuesday, June 1, between 10am-11am.

Dairy Discovery, a non-profit affiliated with Swisslane Farms in Alto, is hoping to unofficially break the world record for the most cups of milk served in an hour. The event is scheduled to coincide with World Milk Day, which has been celebrated internationally for 20 years.

“We really want to make a big deal out of World Milk Day,” explains Melinda Smith, program director for Dairy Discovery. Last year, the non-profit held a 24-hour telethon to mark the occasion, but this year, they wanted to try something different. “It just came up that Costa Rica has this record,” Smith says.

In 2019, the world record for the most cups of milk served in an hour was set in San Jose, Costa Rica. At that time, 5,926 cups of milk were served. Dairy Discovery thinks it can do better and has set a goal of 6,000 cups.

However, this won’t be an official attempt to get into Guinness World Records. While Dairy Discovery sent in paperwork to have the effort officially entered into the record books, they learned there was a $12,000 price tag attached to the process, which made it cost-prohibitive.

While they may not be able to officially get into the record books, that hasn’t deterred organizers. “It’s more for bragging rights,” Smith says. To get those bragging rights though, Dairy Discovery needs help from the community.

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How to Help Set a Record for World Milk Day

To reach 6,000 cups of milk served, Dairy Discovery is inviting schools, organizations and businesses to get involved.

This Thursday and Friday, the non-profit will deliver milk and cups to participating groups in the Lowell, Caledonia and Middleville area. “The biggest thing is making sure you have fridge space,” Smith says.

Then, on Tuesday, June 1, at 10am, groups should pour cups of milk for as many people as they can. Dairy Discovery is asking everyone who participates to take a video of the milk being served so it can tabulate the results and see if the event breaks the 6,000 cup mark. Dairy Discovery will also provide a poster that organizations can personalize with their name. Groups that are elsewhere in the state – or world – are invited to join in as well, but they will need to provide their own milk and cups.

So far, response to the event has been positive with a number of Lowell and Caledonia schools planning to participate. Plus, FFA members and Dairy Farmers of America are getting involved as well.

However, if you don’t belong to an organization or business that will be serving milk, you can come to Dairy Discovery at Swisslane Farms for a cup. “We’re hoping to get 500 [people] to come directly to the farm,” Smith says. Visitors can get their cup of milk between 10am-11am on Tuesday by going to 12877 – 84th Street SE in Alto.

For more information or to sign up your organization, visit the Dairy Discovery World Milk Day event on Facebook. You can also follow the Dairy Discovery Facebook page for updates and results.

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