Voters Approve LAS Bond Proposal

Lowell-area voters have approved a $104 million bond proposal request from Lowell Area Schools on a vote of 2,094 – 1,354 with ballots from all precincts reported. Overall turnout for this election was 20% of registered voters with turnout by municipality ranging from 13.59% in Bowne Township to 25% in Campbell Township.

School leaders say the money is needed to fund necessary district upgrades that can’t be covered by the district’s other sources of funding. Most notably, LAS says Cherry Creek Elementary School is due for a significant overhaul that can only happen with the support of voters.

“We are grateful to the Lowell and Alto Communities for supporting our students through this week’s election,” Superintendent Nate Fowler told Lowell’s First Look. “The yes vote authorizes Lowell Area Schools to sell bonds that we will use for much needed renovations and improvements to our schools that will benefit generations of youth in our community.  I continue to be thankful to be a part of this community that places such a high priority on education.”

The results in the three core communities that make up LAS are:

City of Lowell

Yes: 392
No: 192

Lowell Charter Township

Yes: 672
No: 434

Vergennes Township

Yes: 585
No: 385

Combined, these jurisdictions have the proposal passing by a vote of 1,649 to 1,011.

However, these were not the only areas voting on the issue. Covering more than 134 square miles, LAS extends into the following municipalities as well:

  • Ada Township
  • Bowne Township
  • Cannon Township
  • Cascade Charter Township
  • Grattan Township
  • Boston Twp/Ionia County
  • Campbell Township/Ionia County
  • Keene Township/Ionia County

Unofficial results from the State of Michigan Election Reporting website show the following results for Kent County municipalities:

Ada Township

Yes: 167
No: 113

Bowne Township

Yes: 82
No: 71

Cannon Township

Yes: 36
No: 28

Cascade Township

Yes: 63
No: 38

Grattan Township

Yes: 97
No: 93

Ionia County has reported the following results in its townships:

Boston Township

Yes: 40
No: 62

Campbell Township

Yes: 7
No: 6

Keene Township

Yes: 58
No: 41

This article was last updated at 6pm on Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

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