Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for June 2021

An animal complaint, a crowd in a parking lot and some stolen items from a garage were a few of the cases handled by the Lowell Police Department in June 2021.

However, by and large, Police Chief Chris Hurst says it was a quiet month with no major cases or concerns. What’s more, the department hasn’t pulled over a drunk driver in five months, something the police chief doesn’t remember ever happening before.

Here’s a snapshot of department activity for June 2021:

  • 92 calls for assistance to citizens
  • 11 total arrests
  • 9 calls for assistance to other agencies
  • 8 traffic accidents
  • 8 disorderly conduct
  • 4 domestic assaults
  • 4 verbal assaults
  • 3 larcenies/retail fraud
  • 2 ordinance violations
  • 2 malicious destruction of property
  • 1 breaking and entering

Plus, in June, the department made 153 traffic stops and issued 41 citations as a result.

June Cases: Chickens, a Crowd and a Stolen Air Compressor

While things were relatively quiet in the city, the Lowell Police Department did receive one complaint of breaking and entering. Apparently, several items were taken from a garage on the south side of town, including an air compressor, battery charger and two toolboxes. It is believed these items were removed when the garage door was open. Without any camera surveillance or witness to the theft, the department does not have a suspect at this time.

Kent County Animal Control asked the department to assist with an animal abuse complaint they received about a property in the city. Upon investigation, the police found a large number of chickens as well as a rooster and duck. Inside a structure were more than 20 rabbits in cages.

The city ordinance allows for only two chickens per acre, and the lot in question is not large enough for the birds. The police are consulting with the city attorney to determine how best to proceed.

Finally, at the end of the month, the Kent County Sherriff’s Office called to ask the Lowell PD to disburse a disorderly crowd. About 20 vehicles were parked together at the Meijer parking lot in Lowell Charter Township There had been a complaint about people in and around the vehicles causing a disturbance. The crowd disbursed after the police arrived.

Other Updates from the Lowell Police Department

An officer has been added to patrol the social district during the Thursday night concerts on the Riverwalk. So far, the department has not encountered any issues in the social district, according to Hurst.

He noted the department does occasionally hear, after the fact, that people are bringing their own alcohol into the district. However, officers can’t take action unless they witness the violation themselves. Hurst reminds residents that only alcoholic beverages purchased from participating establishments can be consumed in the social district.

In other news, the department is adding two part-time officers to its roster: Landon Kresnak and Pentice Carter. Each previously served with the Lowell Police Department, tried their hand at different work and then decided that there was no place better to be than the LPD.

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