Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for September 2021

The Lowell Police Department reports that everyone was largely on their best behavior last month. While officers did need to make eight arrests for various matters, such as outstanding warrants, they say there wasn’t any notable criminal activity in the community to report.

Here’s a snapshot of department activity for September 2021:

  • 77 calls for assistance to citizens
  • 17 calls for assistance to other agencies
  • 13 traffic accidents
  • 13 larcenies/retail fraud
  • 12 ordinance violations
  • 8 total arrests
  • 5 verbal assaults
  • 5 dog/animal complaints
  • 5 disorderly conduct
  • 3 malicious destruction of property
  • 3 domestic assaults
  • 1 drunk driving

Plus, in September, the department made 119 traffic stops and issued 24 citations as a result.

September Cases: One Drunk Driver/CPL Violation

The most significant incident of the month was an accident involving a drunk driver. The crash took place at 8:50pm on a rainy evening near Bowes Road and Valley Vista. When the police arrived, the driver admitted to drinking earlier in the evening at the Riverbend Bar.

It was determined the driver was legally intoxicated, and they also had a gun in their vehicle. While the driver previously had a concealed pistol license (CPL), it was found to be expired at the time of the accident. The gun was seized, and the case is ongoing.

Other traffic crashes involved a collision at S. Hudson and Bowes Road. One driver reported facial pain from the airbag deployment but did not need medical attention.

In another case, a driver rear-ended a tractor that was legally driving down Main Street. The at-fault driver looked away from the road momentarily before hitting the tractor and injuring its occupant.

Other Updates from the Lowell Police Department

The Lowell Police Department is looking forward to adding a new hybrid vehicle to their fleet, and it will boast a new color scheme, as shown in the rendering above.

Officers also competed in their annual Ironman competition, and for the third straight year, Officer Aubrey Culver came out on top.

For the competition, officers are judged against standards based on their sex and age. On a 300-point scale, Culver managed to score a 296 and put some of the younger officers to shame by besting them in the number of push-ups she completed. The second place officer had a score of 257.

Chief Chris Hurst says Culver’s overall score is the highest ever by a member of the Lowell Police Department during the Ironman competition. She completed 57 push-ups and 57 sit-ups, each within a two-minute period, and ran a mile in eight minutes and 35 seconds.

In other news, the Lowell Police Department will soon be updating its computer software to allow for more functionality and eliminate the need for officers to return to the station to enter reports.

Finally, Officer Jesalyn Heard has returned to the department to help out on a part-time basis. That should be welcome news for those who have missed her presence during social district hours, when she has often worked foot patrols.

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