New Restaurant with Mexican Menu Focus Begins Renovations in Downtown Lowell

A second restaurant with Mexican vibes is looking to make Main Street in downtown Lowell. Looking to open later this year, Matt Parrott is in the process of renovating and making plans for his new restaurant. Parrott is working with Greg Canfield, who recently retired from daily operations at Canfield Plumbing & Heating, to prepare 123 W. Main Street to house the new establishment, in the old Springrove Variety location.

Parrott has been in the business of providing food for others for the last decade. Starting off running a one unit mobile operation catering to small parties part time he moved to having two ovens and the ability to service wedding rehearsal dinners and weekend long music festivals. Standard Pizza Co., was located in Spring Lake until ownership of the building where he was located changed. The new owner’s plans did not include a restaurant, leaving Parrott and his business to evaluate the future. 

“We have had the concept for a casual taco spot in the back of our minds for years now.” says Parrott. “I love tacos, my family loves tacos, we vacation in Mexico whenever we can and I am slightly obsessed with the culture of Mexico, especially that of the Mayan and Yucatán.” Approximately a year ago he started looking at different buildings in Lowell after exploring downtown and being intrigued with its charm and architecture. 

Parrott contacted the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce to begin research on demographics, traffic counts, and more. While explaining his project the chamber asked if his information could be passed along to Canfield, who recently acquired the building that housed Springrove Variety after Mike Sprenger’s retirement. From there the relationship between Parrot and Canfield began. 

Calling Cannon Township home, Parrott’s wife works in Saranac so Lowell is a good location in between to start his new business. “We are hoping to achieve a relaxed environment that offers exceptional food and drinks, paired with exceptional service.” says Parrott of the atmosphere of the restaurant. “The goal is to replicate the feeling of a beachside surf shack or beach club.” He aims to show respect to the culture of Mexico through food and drinks. Also look for him to put his own spin on dishes with cultural ties to the Yucatán Peninsula. 

While the new restaurant will serve mostly Mexican inspired dishes, it won’t be strictly Mexican according to Parrott. He’ll pull from his experience as a Master Pizzaiolo for the last 10 years and incorporate successes into the menu and overall mission of his new business. He’s looking for quality and attention to detail to set him apart from other establishments. “Every component of every dish we serve should be good enough to be eaten on its own. Seasonality will play a strong role as well, if we can’t get certain ingredients due to growing seasons, then we just can’t. I won’t sacrifice quality just to have something year round.” he comments.

An anticipated opening date is not set until spring or early summer. Parrott is also working on a name for the new restaurant. For now, those who are interested in seeing updates and following along can visit and like the Standard Pizza Co. Facebook page. Parrott is eager to share his passion with the Lowell community. He concludes with, “It’s very exciting to finally have a space of our own where we can create the environment we have always wanted as well as the food we love, and be able to share that with all of you.”

To our knowledge the restaurant planned for the Serenity building is still moving forward. We look to write a follow up article in the future.

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