Perseverance Story: Jan Gerard

Over the course of four weeks, members of the community will be sharing their story.  These stories are about individuals and their experience with cancer or loss. They are the reason the Lowell community comes together for the Pink Arrow Football Game.  Each story is written by the person you will read about or by someone on their behalf unless otherwise noted. We thank them for sharing their story and courage.

Photos courtesy of Jan Gerard.

Heather Eveland is the volunteer coordinator for Pink Arrow events.  If you are interested in helping out at Fans in the Stands selling t-shirts, Community Day (Friday, Aug. 23) or game day (Friday, Sept. 13) please contact her by calling 616-291-8907 or send an email to [email protected]  Heather will let you or your group know what help is needed and determine the best fit. 

The following story is about Jan Gerard written by her.

My cancer journey started 3 days after my mom passed away of cancer and fourteen months after the passing of my granddaughter due to cancer.  I am not a stranger to cancer.  Needless to say I never expected for cancer to get personal.  In April 2018 I had a mammogram and received a phone call a few days after.  They had seen a cluster of irregular cells and wanted a closer look with Tomagraphy.  Immediately following this test the nurse gave me the news I had breast cancer.  My adult children were at the appointment to support me.  We were still coping with the two loses.  We had no idea of what was to come.

Two weeks later through a biopsy it was confirmed it was breast cancer.  It was a rare aggressive type of cancer which there’s not a whole lot of information.  The next few months were filled with doctor visits, tests and a lumpectomy.  During this time I had family and friends praying for me.  My faith in God brought me peace and assurance that all will be well.

The chemotherapy treatments started in July ending in November were rough.  With the second chemo drug left me not being able to walk due to neuropathy.  December brought 21 radiation treatments until January of this year.  I’m thankful for my family for taking me to all the appointments as I was unable to drive.

Great support not only from family I had many co-workers, friends on the internet and phone calls encouraging me to beat cancer.  My smiling face was that of a warrior.  Yes I could have felt sorry for myself as I knew what cancer can do.  The care I received from doctors and their staff was overwhelming.  I refused for it to get the better of me.

I will be grateful always for all those who assisted me through my cancer.  I live by myself and was unable to work and would wonder how the bills would get paid.  Through family, friends, and Pink Arrow support every need was met.

I am an official cancer survivor as of March of this year.

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  1. I’ve known Jan for 40 years. Her faith and perseverance is admirable. She is loved by many and I pray she enjoys a long healthy life! Congrats, Jan, on being cancer free. I praise God for that and for you.

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