Police Beat: June Incidents

During the month of June, the Lowell Police Department took 174 calls for service.  Among those calls, 7 were medical, 14 were for assisting other agencies, and 9 for accidents.  The following are highlights from the calls received by the department.

In a heroic act, members of the department, with the help of the City’s Department of Public Works, rescued seven baby ducks who were trapped in a storm drain.  DPW removed the cover and officers removed all but one of the ducklings. The last swam off in another direction, but thankfully that path led back to the Flat River to safety.  

Retail Fraud Incidents
A male described as a skinny, white male between the age of 20-30 wearing a dark colored hoodie is suspect in taking items totaling $37.80 from Dollar General.  Surveillance video was posted on Facebook to help identify and locate the suspect.

Tips led to discovering the suspect has warrants out for his arrest out of Ionia for 2nd degree retail fraud and probation violation.  This same suspect also appears to be involved in taking two bottles of whiskey, a value of $79.98 from the Lowell Beer Store. One warrant for his arrest has been issued for 2nd degree retail fraud.  A second charge is pending. The suspect has not yet been arrested.

Dispatch was contacted over a retail fraud incident at Shell.  Several suspects were seen on video. Items were taken into a bathroom and allegedly hidden and upon exiting the bathroom the suspects left the store.  They walked down the street, where they encountered by an officer. They did not have any ID and did admit to being at the Shell station. Items totaling just over $15 were found to have been stolen between two suspects when the surveillance video could be reviewed by a store manager the following day.  The suspects appeared to be daily

Side of the Road Incidents
A small pick up truck exhibiting loud sounds from the exhaust pipe was pulled over.  During this incident, the driver was found to be driving on a suspended license. The driver was also on parole and the person’s parole officer was notified of the incident.

During a stop for a traffic violation, an officer noticed a smell of intoxicate and marijuana odor coming from the vehicle.  It appeared one occupant of the car was actively smoking marijuana prior to the stop. The driver was given a field sobriety test which resulted in a .12 blood alcohol level.  The driver was cited with a OWI first offense and two passengers were cited for use of marijuana.

A driver was pulled over due to a questionable license plate.  The plate was an in transit repair plate only used by car dealerships to transfer vehicles between their locations.  The driver of the car was found to have a suspended license and two warrants for arrest out of Grand Rapids. The individual was taken to jail.  

Dispatch was called when a three wheeled motorcycle was observed traveling on M21 from Ada to Lowell following closely behind vehicles and swerving to check oncoming traffic in order to pass, according to a witness, who thought this person was giving those who ride motorcycles a bad name.  Upon being pulled over the driver of the motorcycle used obscene language toward the officer.

A reckless speeding incident was called in to dispatch as witnessed around Lincoln Lake and 5 mile.  A vehicle was traveling southbound and a patrol car set up so the vehicle would pass by. Unfortunately, the vehicle must have turned off the road before coming into city limits and was never pulled over.  

During a traffic stop for an improper plate, an officer noticed a green pill bottle on the floor of the vehicle, which turned out to contain marijuana.  The driver was not intoxicated nor under the influence of marijuana during the stop, but was cited for an improper plate and improper use of marijuana.

Other Incidents
An officer stopped by the dumpster at Keiser’s Kitchen after hearing what sounded like the sound of a dumpster closing as he passed by at 3am.  The driver of a vehicle admitted to putting several bags of trash in the dumpster. Later the suspect’s story changed to being an employee at Keiser’s Kitchen and only putting one bag of trash in the dumpster.  

The department responded to a call about a wanted sex offender squatting in a trailer at Key Vista Trailer Park.  Upon arrival, no one was located as they searched the area.

Most heard of the incident where a car went completely into Dollar Tree.  The driver is said to have been attempting to park and pushed on the gas rather than the break.  The driver was cited for reckless driving.

The department received several tips regarding a possible sex offender within 1,000 feet of a school.  The caller’s daughter said the person was a sex offender. However, upon running the suspect’s name through various databases, the claim was unfounded.  

A local garage called the department asking for assistance with a customer.  The suspect came in for an oil change and filter, requesting no other caps and liquids be touched.  A tech at the garage removed some caps under the hood, which in turn angered the customer who got out of his car and dented a trash can.  The customer was told the oil change would not be performed. He tried to leave the business but a tech stood in front of the vehicle not allowing him to leave.  In the end, the customer paid for the damaged trash can and oil change. He apologized for his behavior, indicating in the past he had to replace a transmission after a tech did not replace the transmission fluid stick properly so he’s sensitive about what it touched during oil changes.  

The department assisted the Kent County Sheriff’s Department on a call in Key Heights.  Parents were concerned about their son who was going to remove shotguns within their home and modify them by sawing off one end.  The suspect was arrested without incident.

Officers arrived at a residence after receiving an anonymous tip about a subject with warrants out for arrest.  The parents of the subject were at the residence and allowed the officers to enter, saying the subject was home.   An arrest was made without incident.

The department was dispatched to a residence where an alcoholic may have been drinking hand sanitizer to get intoxicated.  The subject was verbally abusive and vomiting while officers were on the scene. The subject did not want any help getting cleaned up.  Because no violence took place, officers left the scene.

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