Press Release: City of Lowell Police Officer Involved Shooting

We received the following press release from the City of Lowell.


Lowell, Michigan, August 29, 2020 – This morning at approximately 2:00 a.m., an officer on patrol noticed a vehicle with high-beam headlights driving through downtown Lowell. The officer flashed his lights to alert the driver, who did not dim their lights in response. The officer began to follow the vehicle and, when he noticed it did not have a license plate, turned on his lights.

Rather than stopping, the driver accelerated and led the officer on a short chase at speeds topping 100 mph. The driver finally pulled over on a dirt road in Boston Township in Ionia County. The officer exited his patrol car and began to approach the vehicle on foot when the driver reversed their vehicle and drove directly at the officer. Fearing for his life, the officer fired shots at the vehicle, which hit the patrol car before fleeing the scene. The vehicle was found abandoned in a ditch a short time later.

Other law enforcement agencies were called in for support. Using a drone, they were able to locate the suspects, who are now in custody, one of which has been released. One suspect was treated for a minor gunshot injury in the arm a second suspect for an abrasion on the forehead. The vehicle they were driving was stolen. Following our protocols, the officer has been placed on paid administrative leave while the Ionia County Sheriff’s Office conducts an investigation.

We are grateful neither the officer nor members of our community were injured during this incident. We appreciate the support of MSP, Kent County Sheriff’s Office, Ionia County Sheriff’s Office, City of Ionia Department of Public Safety and the Grand Rapids Police Department.

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