Scenes from Lowell: Doing Something for Others Edition

It’s always nice to be reminded of how people are thankful, willing to share important lessons in, be a role model, and promote positive behavior.  Yesterday we captured two such examples.

Cherry Creek Elementary principal, Shelli Otten talks to 4th and 5th grade students about different feelings they may have which make them think they do not fit in.  She mentions how most students feel this way about something at some point in their lives.  Sometimes more than once.

Diane Stinton, who used to run Cherry Creek’s talent show, introduced the Middle School girls who would be performing and teaching the students a valuable lesson.

Middle School students performed their act, which was part of Exploration of the Arts, which can be viewed below.

Friday evening, Joshua McCracken held an event at Mi Hometown Furnishings.  He welcomed past and present clients as well as anyone who was interested in learning more about him or how he can help individuals and families buy or sell a home.

A guessing game had competitors trying to figure out how many pieces of candy were in a jar.  Give or take a piece or some kids snuck out of the container.  🙂

That squirrel in the feature image…he or she has nothing to do with doing something for others.  Unless those looking at the image are happy they don’t have to live outside and search for food in Michigan’s weather these past couple of weeks.

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