Sixteen Fridays Remain Before Christmas

It’s that time of year again.   Soon we’ll start seeing fall decorations, turkeys, and Christmas decor out at the same time.  As we transition from summer to autumn kids will be getting back into school mode.  Preparation has already begun.

August 30 Lowell’s four elementary and one middle school hosted meet the teacher night.  Parents and students were invited to the schools to meet teachers, see classrooms, and learn about the school’s parent teacher organization (PTO), and perhaps run into familiar faces.  Parents with kids in multiple schools had more stops on their schedule.   For Michele Stauffer this meant visiting Bushnell Elementary, Cherry Creek Elementary, and Lowell Middle School.

As a parent it is important to be at meet the teacher because I feel the kids transition is easier because you are there with them, can go around the school, and see what is in the classroom.” comments Stauffer.   Her oldest is going to the middle school for the first time and will have to adjust to changing classes.  

PTO organizations at the elementary and middle schools are also gearing up for the new school year.   If you’re not already involved check out your school’s group.   It’s a great way to become involved in school activities while getting to know parents, teachers, and students.  Alto Elementary’s PTO will be hosting an outdoor movie night on Friday, September 23.  Bushnell and Cherry Creek students will be collecting pledges for Bears and Champs on the Run, which is Friday, October 7.  

Enjoy the long weekend and have a great first day of school to all of the Lowell Area Schools students, teachers, admins, bus drivers, and custodians.   Tuesday, September 6 is back to school day!

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