The Lowell Riddler: Riddle #4 of 2022 Solved

The Lowell Riddler is hiding medallions in and near the City of Lowell and offering area residents the chance to win a prize of local gift cards. Look for a new clue or riddle each Saturday!

Here’s what the winner said about finding the medallion:

Reading the clues and searching for the medallion has become quite popular in my family, especially with my brother and me.  I may have been the one to find the medallion, but solving the riddle was a group effort.

Clue #1 for this riddle had us looking around Oakwood Cemetery (near woods, wilting flowers, near a dead end, and it has a sexton shack). We thought it lined up well, but no luck.

Clue #2 wasn’t much help, but my family was looking around Birch Field at the fairgrounds, again with no luck. Saturday morning my brother, Eric Mundt, my brother-in-law, Eric Dean, and I went for a run close to town when the clue was released at 9:00 am. Eric Dean thought it might be the Dead-End Road by my parent’s house off Bowes Road.

In thinking more about it, we thought a Clark Bar might line up with the caramel and nougat clue, and there is a Clark Street that connects to Center Street. We thought it was a promising location and started searching the area.  Finally, I found the medallion on the Road Ends sign at the end of Center Street held in place by a magnet. This one was a tough one, but we had a lot of fun searching!

Note from The Riddler:

Congratulations Paul and crew.  As a side note for future riddles, The Lowell Riddler will never hide the medallion in the cemetery.

Here’s what else The Lowell Riddler sent us when announcing the winner and the answers behind the riddle:

Paul Mundt from Lowell!

His prize package contains Lowell Bucks sponsored by Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce, a Gift Certificate sponsored by Chimera Design, Lowell Bucks sponsored by Canfield Plumbing & Heating, a Gift Card sponsored by Flat River Grill, a Gift Certificate sponsored by Flat River Cottage, a Gift Certificate sponsored by The Ice Cream Caboose and an anonymous donation of a Gift Certificate for Sneakers Bar & Grill!  

Paul now qualifies for the Riddler of the Year contest
– the final riddle of the year before The Lowell Riddler
heads south for the winter!
Details on how to qualify for the Riddler of the Year contest can be viewed here.

The Clues and Answers

Clue #1

Way back when the hardwoods were rustling
hardwood = basketball   Center Bill Russell

And wilting flowers were tousling.
Center Wilt Chamberlain vs Bill Russell

At the end of the track,
at the end of Center Street

An oversized shack.
Center Shaquille O’Neal

A kid told the pilot–start hustling.
Center Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s scene in the movie Airplane

Clue #2

It’s where you find caramel and nougat.
Creamy center

Or custard and jelly might do it.
More creamy centers

Be sure to head south
Head south on Center

As it melts in your mouth.
As a creamy center melts in your mouth

Be careful you don’t blow right through it.
 Stop before Center dead ends

Clue #3

Go right smack dab in the middle.
Another reference to Center

Find a yellow sign that’s official.
Road Ends sign

No doubt about it,
You won’t find an outlet.
Dead End street

It’s south but only a little.
South Center Street

The Riddler of the Year

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Riddler of the Year

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Riddler of the Year

Sponsored Prizes of Lowell Bucks, Gift Cards/Certificates:

  • Melissa Nietupski

  • Eric Mundt

  • Christian Huisman

  • Paul Mundt

  • Mark Weaver

  • Will your name be next?

  • Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Chimera Design

  • Flat River Cottage

  • Sweet Seasons

  • Canfield Plumbing & Heating

  • Keiser's Kitchen

  • Big Boiler Brewery

  • Rookie's Sports Cards Plus

  • Flat River Grill

  • Ice Cream Caboose

  • Red Barn Consignment & Antiques

  • MI Hometown Furnishings

  • Mynt Fusion Bistro

  • Anonymous Donation - Ball's Softee Creme

  • Anonymous Donation - Lowell Bucks

  • Anonymous Donation - Ada/Lowell 5

  • Anonymous Donation - Sneaker's Bar & Grill

  • Anonymous Donation - Gary's Meat Market

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