The Lowell Riddler: Second Clue for Riddle #20 Revealed!

The Lowell Riddler has been hiding medallions and awarding prizes since early this year. They will be taking a break from the riddling, but before they go, here is more riddle that needs to be solved…

Note: This riddle has been solved!


Clue #1

For starters, you’re here half the time,
The others wait all in a line.
Some stay here. Some go.
Some feet there below.
Look here if you can’t read the sign.

Clue #2

Beyond the door and fence,
Around the ads and hence,
Semi in shape,
Third safe escape,
In a cage where it all makes sense.


Riddle prize package #20 is loaded!

Prizes are sponsored by the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce and Canfield Plumbing and Heating with Lowell Bucks.

Also included are anonymous donations of gift cards and gift certificates for Sweet Seasons, Main Street BBQ, Keiser’s Kitchen, Sneakers, Big Boiler Brewery, Ball’s Softee Crème and more Lowell Bucks!   





Here’s what you’re looking for:

When you find the medallion: Take it with you and treat it like a lottery ticket! It is yours to keep as a memory of riddling expertise. Immediately, take a selfie while holding the medallion and email the selfie, your name, the location you found it and your mailing address and phone number to [email protected] Lowell’s First Look may want to interview you and publish your selfie! Your address is needed to send your prize package.

Always remember: The medallion is accessible 24 hours a day by the public. For now, it will always be hidden in the City of Lowell. It will never be on private property. It will never be buried in the ground. You may have to move grass, snow or leaves to see it. It is no higher than five feet above ground or it may be hanging on a string. Your participation in this activity is purely voluntary. If at any time you believe that the search conditions are unsafe or that you are unable to participate due to physical or medical conditions, then please discontinue participation. And please respect icy, slippery conditions and crossing busy streets.

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