2022 Pink Arrow Funds Distributed

From l to r: Wendy Wigger (President, Gilda's Club), Teresa Beachum (Pink Arrow Volunteer), Rosemary Treu-Earle (Pink Arrow Volunteer), and Lindsay Jousma (Director of Program Operations, Gilda's Club)

We received the following press release from Pink Arrow Pride.


Pink Arrow Pride announces the funds distributed from the 2022 annual event. The community support and sponsorships continue to show love for Pink Arrow and the mission served throughout the years.

Community Wellness continues, after 15 years serving families on a current cancer journey, with financial gifts from Pink Arrow Pride. The purpose of Pink Arrow Family Support is to provide a financial gift as a way to show support to those currently experiencing cancer. This gift is not based on financial need; it is simply a sign of support from the Lowell area community.

Because of Pink Arrow, Gilda’s Club, of Lowell, continues to guide and provide support and uplifting counsel to all who walk through the door for cancer support and grief counseling from any loss.

Mental health professionals and programming support staff are on hand Tuesdays, in Lowell. Together we learn to navigate a new normal by gathering and connecting with each other through experience, knowledge, and education.

This past year Gilda’s Club was able to return to in-person support, available directly at the Lowell Clubhouse. Virtual support groups will still be offered. Gilda’s Club’s motto of, “In This Together… Learn, Share, Laugh,” continue to expand this year as Supper Together and Member Social Events returned to build on community support for all who are impacted by cancer and/or grief due to any cause of death. Through the support of the community and Lowell Boosters, the Supper Together program provides a nurturing time for the members to share a meal together, prior to support groups on Tuesday evenings at the Lowell Clubhouse.

Additionally, Gilda’s Club Lowell has provided in-person support utilizing our master level professionals outside of the clubhouse. The Gilda’s Club youth staff have delivered the Tough Stuff Program to fifth grade students, and grief support with middle schoolers, throughout the Lowell School District. Developing healthy skills to face life’s inevitable challenges at this early age will be an asset to our youth when facing the unexpected cancer diagnosis of a family member or friend, or walking through grief – be that, the death of a loved one or loss of another kind.

Pink Arrow 2022 Financial Distribution is as follows:

  • Lowell Gilda’s Club, $50,000;
  • Lowell Community Wellness, $44,000;
  • Dr. Gerard and Kathy Talus Scholarships and Education Grants total, $7,000;

Grand Total 2022 — $101,000

Pink Arrow Pride accepts donations from individuals, families and companies, year around. If you would like to show your support for Pink Arrow Pride, please contact the business office at 616-897-7200, business email: [email protected] or

April McClure at aprilfits207@gmail or Misty Anderson at [email protected].

The 2022 Pink Arrow Perseverance stories can be found on the website: pinkarrowpride.org

If you or your organization would like to provide a meal at Gilda’s Club, on any given Tuesday evening, please contact them at 616-897-8600.

Save the date for the 2023 Pink Arrow Pride event – September 22, 2023.

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