Christmas Through Lowell Featured Artist: GlessBoards

Christmas Through Lowell (CTL) is right around the corner.  During the third week in November the annual event will take place at various locations throughout the community.  The Lowell Area Chamber’s website has information about participating locations.  This year’s featured artist is GlessBoards. Stop #38 will feature products from GlessBoards as well as other vendors selling a variety of items. 

Team Nick and Amy

GlessBoards, LLC consists of a husband and wife team.  This is their fifth year as a CTL vendor. However, they began their business over six years ago after making furniture as a hobby for the past two decades.  In 2018, the business was recognized by the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce as the “Best Businesses to Watch”.  

The custom made-to-order furniture business features numerous items.  Dining sets are their most popular projects to date. They’ve also made custom desks, beds, dressers, and other furniture items.  While their focus is wooden furniture, they have incorporated metal, glass and upholstery in some of their pieces.  

When it comes to CTL, the couple shifts from bigger items to smaller pieces and household items.  “It’s a fun time for us because we have lots of creative ideas throughout the year and we get to take a break from big furniture pieces and play in the shop on project ideas that excite us.” says Amy Gless.  Those who are familiar with the couple’s offerings during Lowell’s official kickoff to Christmas will still see “toast” and “cat face” cutting boards. They’re also ready to show off some new ideas like a white oak “oopsie” basket.  

Hobby Turned Business

The couple needed a bench and decided to make it on their own.  From there a hobby began. Amy began making artful cutting boards as Christmas gifts for friends and was told she should start selling them online.  She did. And they sold. Photos of furniture were then added to the only store and those pieces started selling too.  

This hobby led to the pair taking classes to enhance their skills and develop new techniques.  At this point making furniture was a side business. But things grew quickly and the two were able to change careers to focus on GlessBoards full-time.  

The two enjoy CTL as a way to well items which are fun for them to make.  It’s a nice change from the larger project they’re usually working on the rest of the year.  Offering smaller items geared toward gift giving, stylish and functional items will be available.  They also look forward to meeting people who come to their location as they chat about woodworking, showing guests about the process as they look around the shop.  GlessBoards does not have a storefront so being able to socialize with the community is an added bonus. Plus they get to show off their woodshop where all of their pieces are made.  

Stop #38 on Peck Lake Road

GlessBoards will be welcoming visitors at stop #38 located at 11656 Peck Lake Road, just under three miles southeast of Lowell.  In addition to their items they will have other vendors at the location selling affordable gifts. Debra Pate Art offers watercolors with a focus on wildlife and landscapes.  Blue Fox Engraving offers a selection of laser engraved tags and ornaments, plant stakes, and custom order stamps. Boozy Cupcake Lady will have a supply of scrumptious cupcakes with flavors inspired by other edibles and beverages.  Four or five flavors will be available including a Cannoli, Samoa, Twix, and Orange Cranberry. TJ Woodworks will offer wooden turned pens, salt and pepper grinders, and hand carvings. His work usually sells out early! Raizpeace Jewelry features creative items made from pine cones.  Finally, Sweet T is a new vendor to stop #38 who will tempt shoppers with homemade candies to include cinnamon candied pecans, sea salt caramel, butterfingers, and more.  

BoozyLady Cupcakes – Cannolli
Blue Fox Engraving
Deb Pate Art
Sweet T’s Candies
Raizpeace Jewelry – pinecones
TJs Woodworks – Salt and Pepper Grinders

It will be hard to leave stop #38 without buying something to give as a gift as well as a treat or two for yourself!  All of the items being offered are reasonably priced. The majority of the items being sold are under $40 with many priced at $10-$15.  There will be a selection of more expensive items but only a few will be over $100. Stop #38 will be open all three days of Christmas Through Lowell.  

More information about GlessBoards can be found on the website.  Additional information, including photos of current projects, can also be found on their Facebook page

Photos courtesy of Stop #38 vendors and used with permission.

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