Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for October 2021

A fire in a school bathroom, an SUV speeding away and a drunk driver on Halloween were among the calls that kept the Lowell Police Department busy during the past few weeks. Department staff also discovered unauthorized camping on the far side of Stoney Lakeside Park and responded to a call of a pedestrian hit by a vehicle.

More about all those cases below, but first, here’s a snapshot of department activity for October 2021:

  • 88 calls for assistance to citizens
  • 12 traffic accidents
  • 11 total arrests
  • 9 calls for assistance to other agencies
  • 5 domestic assaults
  • 4 larcenies/retail fraud
  • 4 ordinance violations
  • 4 dog/animal complaints
  • 4 disorderly conduct
  • 3 drunk driving
  • 3 assault
  • 2 verbal assaults
  • 2 malicious destruction of property
  • 1 drug law violation

Plus, in October, the department made 95 traffic stops and issued 23 citations as a result.

Fire at Lowell Middle School

Students at Lowell Middle School went home early and got a day off after a fire was discovered in a bathroom two weeks ago. The Lowell Area Fire Department responded and quickly extinguished the flames. There was minor damage to the school, but no one was injured.

The Fire Marshal investigated the scene, and it was determined that the fire was intentionally set. A suspect has been identified, and the case will be turned over to the prosecutor’s office for review.

Fleeing and Eluding – Times Two

Twice, an SUV has taken off after being pulled over by a Lowell police officer. In the first instance, the officer gave chase briefly before breaking off pursuit when it was deemed too dangerous. The driver is wanted for fleeing and eluding, and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the department. The vehicle in question is apparently silver 2006 Pontiac Torrent.

Three Drunk Drivers

There were three drunk drivers pulled over during October. The first was at 10am and called in by another driver who observed a car heading south into town and weaving in their lane. Police apprehended the vehicle, but the driver refused a breath test so a blood test needed to be obtained.

The second incident was called in by the county who said a suspected drunk driver had left a domestic situation in the township and was headed into the city. An officer intercepted the vehicle, and the driver complied with all the officer’s requests. It was determined their blood alcohol content was over the legal limit, and the person was arrested for drunk driving.

The final drunk driver was pulled over in the early morning hours of Halloween. The driver was observed weaving in and out of their lane and then pulled into the Admiral Gas Station. The driver smelled of alcohol and was slow to answer questions but felt like they were fine to be driving. Ultimately, the driver was arrested for drunk driving plus an outstanding warrant from another matter.

Camping at Stoney Lakeside

Police found a campsite on the far side of Stoney Lakeside Park. Camping is not allowed in the area, and officers confiscated the gear they found. However, the owners were not present at the time. If they would like to claim their equipment, it is currently being stored at the police station.

Pedestrian Hit by Vehicle

Lowell Police Department responded to a call for assistance in which a vehicle hit a pedestrian on Sibley Street. The person was walking in the dark on a rainy night, and the driver apparently did not see them. The pedestrian was transported for medical care with injuries that were considered serious but not life-threatening.

Police Chief Chris Hurst encourages people to wear reflective clothing when walking after dark. He notes there have been several pedestrians hit recently in similar circumstances, including one fatality in Grattan Township.

Hurst also encourages drivers to watch out for deer this time of year and notes that Main Street in the historic downtown will be closed from 5-7pm on Saturday, December 4, for the annual Christmas parade.

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