Letter to the Editor: Group Urges Residents Not to Sign Recall Petitions

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We received the following from SupportLAS:

5 Reasons to Decline to Sign the School Board Recall Petitions

1.) Lowell Taxpayers foot the bill.

  • The special election must be paid for out of the school’s general fund.
  • The estimated cost of a special election is $10,000.
  • The general fund typically supports facilities, staff, transportation, classroom equipment and supplies.

2.) There are NO specific allegations against any of the three board members to support a recall.

  • Nugent, Blough and Curtis all have deep multi-generational ties to the Lowell Community. Without a specific concern, their commitment to the students and school system shouldn’t be in question.
  • Expensive recalls should be utilized only when a board member demonstrates clear wrongdoing such as criminality or misconduct which prevents the body from performing duties entrusted to them by voters.


  • The time between a divisive & expensive recall special election and the election when their terms end and they’ll be required to run again is six months.
  • If you believe the current board isn’t up to the task, vote for their challengers in November 2022 and save Lowell taxpayers expensive special election costs.

4) Children benefit when adults model effective approaches to conflict resolution.

  • Attempts to remove school board members via recall are not unique to Lowell; they’re happening nationwide in a coordinated effort to undermine trust in public education.
  • Bringing national issues and agendas to a non-partisan school board is a distraction that prevents our board from addressing matters that affect our children every day.

5) This is not about transparency; the recall group got answers, just not ones they like.

  • Boards of Education have powers and limitations when it comes to their role in decision-making. Their duty is to represent all students, not just the loudest voices.
  • Unsatisfied with a response from an administrator or board member? Get involved! Volunteer for a committee or in your child’s classroom, or run for a seat on the school board. These positions have little to no monetary benefit to you and invite scrutiny and critique, but we work together for what is best for LAS students!

Signed by:

Nick and Amy Gless
Jack and Nancy Misner
John Forsberg and Morgan Jarema
Keegan and Bisera Riordan
Erin and Derek Foltz
Nicole and Dustin Lintemuth
Heather Cooper
Paula and Lee Patterson
Olivia Geiger
Michael Smith
Mildred Sheppard
Darrell Baughman
Brian Baughman
Sue and Dave Clements
Diane Titche
Scott and Shelly MacNaughton
Diane MacNaughton
Sharon McFall
Bridget Gless
Tony and Sharon Ellison
Jim and Cheryl Blodgett
Caitlin and Casey Butler
Sarah Meckl
Megan Getz
Dan and Becky Martin
Amanita Fahrni
Keana Fahrni
Mary Carmichael
Janet and George Fabis
Nancy Richter
Anna Mainero
Robin and Greg Briggs
Ray and Beth Wolfe
Emily Liley
Barbara Montgomery
Kelly Lester
Aimee McCombs and Rich Curtis
Al Eckman
Ann Dimmick and Carl Rife
Eric and Rita Lundstrom
Bob and Gay Pfaller
Rick and Jodie Seese
Peggy Idema
Bill and Lori Ingraham
Dale and Karen Latva
Kim Fife
Shannon Hanley
Bob and Lanie Rice
Perry and Teresa Beachum
Roger and Diane LaWarre
Jim and Chris Hodges
Greg Canfield
Kelsey Koewers
Trudy Cahoon
Zach Beachum
Becky Osborne
Flora Jean Beachum
Lacey and Lucien Charboneau
Lou and Mary Dudeck
Andy and Lyndsey Graham
Jim and Paula Harden
Josh and Leslie McKracken
Scott and Amanda McDowell
Dale and Jan Hanson
Dave and Kelly Powell
Dr. Tracy and Paul Lixie

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  1. Thank you! This is a clear, concise explanation why this recall petition is unnecessary and divisive. I hope that people see this and wait until the vote versus sign a petition that will waste time and money.

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