Letter to the Editor: Yes Vote on Bond Proposal Benefits Community

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As a 30+ year resident of the LAS district, a parent of three LAS graduates, and a former school board member, I support the May 7 Bond Proposal to fund facility improvements throughout the district. You can review the details of the elementary renovations and high school updates included in the proposal at lowellschools.com or by placing a call to the district’s administration office.

There are numerous reasons to vote yes, whether you currently have children attending our schools or not. To highlight a few –

Strong schools create strong communities. Your yes vote supports learning for the thousands of students and community members who use the district facilities daily. The youngest to the oldest in our community will benefit from the passage of the bond proposal.

Education is a fundamental right and a public good. Your yes vote supports the learning environments needed to equip Lowell students with the critical thinking skills and experiences needed for success throughout life. The bond proposal includes modernizing learning spaces, improving fine arts, athletic and community spaces, and updating infrastructure.

The bond proposal is the result of careful study of current and projected needs in our district. It is the responsibility of the district administration and Board of Education to maintain facilities within a framework of fiscal accountability. Tax rates are not expected to increase.

The case for voting yes on the school bond issue is compelling regardless of whether you have children enrolled in the district. By casting a yes vote on the bond proposal you are supporting student success today and taking an active role in shaping the future for Lowell students and community.

Nancy Hopkins
Lowell Township

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