Lowell Area Historical Museum Millage Renewal on Ballot for City Residents

On November 2, residents in the City of Lowell will vote on whether to renew a ten-year, 0.25 mil or $.25 for every $1,000 taxable value, for the Lowell Area Historical Museum. The renewal will keep the current tax level through extension. The millage was first received in 2003. This is the second time a renewal is up for a vote from residents. Ten years ago when the initiative was on the ballot, voters passed it by a 3 to 1 margin according to Lisa Plank, Executive Director of the Museum. 

Local Impact
The Lowell Area Historical Museum’s mission is “To Educate, enrich, and inspire our community and visitors through the preservation and presentation of Lowell area history”. 

The Museum has a high impact within the community, offering numerous programs in the building where it is located as well as educational outreach programs in Lowell Area Schools, participation in community events, preservation of Lowell artifacts, an Oral History program, the weekly ABCs of Lowell History series, and much more. 

Over 30,000 people are served annually through programs and visitors. An additional 80,000 are reached through online content. The Museum looks to “continue as a cultural attraction, tourist destination, and as a symbol of the historic quality of our community” as stated in a recent press release. A millage ten-year renewal will help the Museum to have the resources needed to continue its mission.

Money from the millage would raise just over $20,000 and equals approximately a quarter of the Museum’s operating costs. Additional funding comes from admissions, gift shop sales, memberships, an annual fundraising event, food booths at community events, and donations. 

“The community of Lowell has a deep interest in history and its downtown historic district draws visitors to town. The Museum supports the interest in history and provides access in many ways,” comments Plank. She takes pride in efforts to organize, preserve, and present local history.

Plank also says the Lowell Area Historical Museum is a “small museum with a large mission”. There is a small, part-time staff that helps create engaging exhibits and run the museum in addition to volunteers who also help with the plight of the organization. She also appreciates the support of the community and encourages Lowell voters to participate in the November 2 election. “We ask for their YES vote to ensure continuation of the quality services provided by the Museum.”

Photos courtesy of the Lowell Area Historical Museum.

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