Lowell Light & Power Prepares to Celebrate Public Power Week

Not every community has a municipal electric company, but those that do often enjoy lower rates and more reliable service.

“We’re working for the people of the community,” explains Lisa Pape, utility services specialist for Lowell Light & Power.

To raise awareness and celebrate the benefits of public power, the American Public Power Association has designated the first full week of October as Public Power Week. From October 3-9, municipal power providers across the country will mark the occasion with special events, and Lowell Light & Power has a full week of activities planned.

Public Power Week Activities in Lowell, Michigan

In Lowell, Public Power Week events include contests and giveaways and culminate on Saturday, October 9, during the Lowell Harvest Celebration.

Some of the events planned include:

  • Free popcorn and a LED nightlight for customers stopping by the office during business hours.
  • Drawing for a bill credit with entries taken in the office and at the LL&P booth during the Lowell Harvest Celebration.
  • Additional contests will be announced on the LL&P Facebook page with daily prizes as well as a grand prize
  • Art contest entries from 4th graders at Cherry Creek Elementary School will be on display in the LL&P office. A winning entry will be selected, and that student will receive a pizza party for his or her class.
  • During the Lowell Harvest Celebration, LL&P will have a booth on the Riverwalk that will have pumpkins, a prize wheel, a mini pole for kids to climb and the chance to snap a selfie with a lineman. It will also be the final chance to enter to win a bill credit.

“This year, we especially celebrate the employees of Lowell Light & Power—the people behind public power,” said General Manager Charlie West in a press release. “These folks work tirelessly to keep our community up and running 24 hours a day seven days a week.”

Serving Lowell for 125 Years

LL&P has been serving the community for 125 years and currently has 17 employees who work in the utility’s office building and energy center. The utility is owned by the City of Lowell and serves nearly 3,000 customers, including 2,500 residential customers and 420 commercial and industrial businesses.

In total, there are 2,000 utilities that are a part of the American Public Power Association, and they serve approximately 49 million people nationwide. Like other public power companies, LL&P is a not-for-profit entity.

“We’re going to keep your bill lower,” Pape says. “We’re going to keep your power on.”

For more information about LL&P, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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