Lowell High School Musical Opening Weekend Approaches

Some time ago, it was announced The Little Mermaid would be the spring musical at Lowell High School.  Warmer weather is becoming more consistent, animals are emerging from a winter’s sleep, and audiences will soon be able to follow Ariel’s adventures under the sea and on land.  Spring is in the air!

Amanita Fahrni directs cast and crew alongside pit director Tim Haan to bring characters to life, live on stage for two weekends at the Lowell Performing Arts Center.

Months of Preparation
Final touches are being made to the set, performances, costumes, and everything else involved in putting on a production.  But the process began months ago.  Auditions were held and the cast list was revealed just before Christmas break.  For over two months cast, crew, and orchestra have been learning their roles.  Performers in the wings and under the stage are just as important as those under the lights with lines, part of the chorus or just holding a prop.  

Crew members work on designing and building sets as well as incorporating microphone use and proper lighting for each scene.  The orchestra practices music, and of course the cast memorizes lines, songs, and dance moves.  Eventually all of these pieces come together and a show is born.  

Eden Nethercott plays Ariel.  Photo courtesy of Shannon Pontius.

Eden Nethercott is a senior at Lowell High School.  She plays the spunky, determined teenager Ariel.  “Theater is a magical place. Being a part of it means transforming into a different person and taking the audience into a brand new world.”  Her performance as the youngest of King Triton’s daughters is outstanding.  Nethercott has been performing since she was three and has been part of every Lowell High School production while attending the school.  “There is nothing like the feeling of being on stage. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

It still takes practice making sure everyone is working together effortlessly, hitting cues and not hitting cast or other crew members if you’re part of the team moving set pieces around – oftentimes in low-light conditions.  And as they say, practice makes perfect.  Or at least as perfect as possible.  To the audience it’s likely a minor hiccup will go unnoticed.  All of the students and adults involved in the production dedicate months of their lives to be able to lure an audience into their story.  

Under the Sea
The Little Mermaid, originally a book penned by Hans Christian Anderson, and brought to the big screen by Disney in 1989, is filled with songs you can’t help but sing along to or at least tap a foot or bob your head to the beat.  

Quinn Duhr portrays Scuttle. Photo courtesy of Shannon Pontius.

King Triton, played by senior Kenny Stump, is a strict father who pushes his youngest daughter to make a questionable deal with a sea witch.  Ursula, played by senior Keana Fahrni, along with her sidekicks Flotsam and Jetsam, portrayed by senior Justin Plunkett and sophomore Isiah Perysian respectively, convince Ariel to sign a contract in the name of love.  Prince Eric, played by senior Ryan Noffke, is the object of her affection.  Juniors Savanna Dempsey and Ivan Reynolds become Sebastian and Flounder, who try and keep Ariel out of trouble and remain on King Triton’s good side.  Their banter throughout the show are sure to produce laughs.  

It will be hard not to keep a smile on your face from the first line through to the final curtain call while taking in memorable characters, sets made with attention to detail, and music to enhance the atmosphere.  

Nethercott’s red hair makes her a perfect fit for Ariel, but it was also her acting skills, voice, and experience which landed her the role. “The cast, crew, directors, and pit band have all been working so hard to make this production spectacular. We are so excited to take the audience with us into the world of The Little Mermaid. We can’t wait to see you!”  Her sentiments are shared by all those involved in the production.  They’re proud of their work and are eager to show off their talent.

Get Your Tickets
Tickets are still available online for purchase.  Reserved seats are $10 online or $12 at the door.  The Little Mermaid will be performed in the Lowell Performing Arts Center located at 11700 Vergennes.  Performances are March 9, 10, 11, 16, and 17.  Friday and Saturday shows start at 7pm and the Sunday mantinee begins at 2pm.  

Good luck and break a leg to the cast and crew of The Little Mermaid!

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