LowellArts Brings Creative Cube to Lowell Area Students

We received the following press release from LowellArts.


On Wednesday, May 18, LowellArts partnered with Artists Creating Together (ACT) to bring ACT’s Creative Cube to LowellArts. Working with Heather Sneider, Director of Special Education at Lowell Area Schools, 3 groups of 14 – 16 students came to LowellArts for 90-minute arts activities for each student group. Students included K – 2nd grade students from Alto Elementary, 2nd – 5th grade students from Cherry Creek Elementary, and 9th – 12th grade students from Lowell High School.

Visual art activities were facilitated by LowellArts instructor, Jennifer Helner, and ACT’s Community Arts Coordinator, Allison Palm. The hands-on activities responded to the art exhibition in the gallery featuring textiles from the Michigan League of Handweavers. The third activity was facilitated by ACT instructor, Josh Dunigan, who provided a group drumming session in the classroom.

Outside of LowellArts was the 40-foot-long re-imagined yellow race trailer that serves as a beacon of accessibility and creativity. The Creative Cube is a project of Grand Rapids non-profit, Artists Creating Together. It is universally designed to welcome artists of all abilities to create alongside each other.

LowellArts mission is to make the arts accessible to everyone by connecting artists and audiences through the visual and performing arts. ACT’s mission is to empower individuals with disabilities to learn, grow, and celebrate through the arts. ACT recognizes the potential of every individual – and that disabilities are not a barrier to success. The arts are a fundamental tool in helping all people to reach their potential.

This partnership with Artists Creating Together and Lowell Area Schools is bridging a gap so people with special needs have a welcoming environment to be creative, learn new artist skills and collaborate with their fellow students.

The entire experience – from the space, to the instructors and volunteers – was designed to be attentive to the needs of the students, and making them feel included in all three projects without any limitations with skill levels. The students’ enjoyment of the experience gave all who were involved equal or if not more enjoyment and satisfaction.

All photos courtesy of LowellArts.


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