LowellArts Exhibit Shows Unique Twists on Non-Traditional Mediums

Art lovers have the chance to see a collection of unique and original pieces that challenges the idea of what can be done in textile, printed, and wood artwork.

LowellArts opened its new exhibit to the public on May 11, and it focuses on some non-traditional mediums. “Printed, Woven, Turned” shows what can be done when artists push boundaries in their work.

Three different groups of 18 total artists in the categories of printed work (mostly in the form of a “linocut”), woven art, and creative woodturning make up this display. Details on the types of art and the artists themselves can be found on the LowellArts website.

“LowellArts is very happy to present the exhibition Printed, Woven, Turned,” says Janet Teunis, LowellArts executive director.

“The exhibition is unique because the juxtaposition of these very different mediums helps to highlight the immense skill and ingenuity of these artists and also celebrates how the artists have challenged one another to evolve and perfect their craft.”

The display is at the LowellArts Gallery at 223 W. Main St through June 22, 2024.

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