Lowell Rite Aid Pharmacy Closing Next Week, Store to be Shuttered in August

Hundreds of Rite Aid stores have closed since the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2023. Now, the Lowell store will be one of them.

A reader first tipped Lowell’s First Look off to the possible closure two weeks ago. That person shared a document entitled “Michigan and Ohio Store Closure FAQs” which was apparently posted internally to employees. It implied all stores in Michigan and Ohio would be closed and noted that stores would be notified two weeks in advance of their closing date.

An email to Rite Aid for comment on the memo was not returned, but there is no doubting the reports now. Store closing signs are lining the lawn and affixed to the exterior of the building.

July 10 will be the last day for the pharmacy, and on July 11, all prescriptions will be transferred to the Lowell Walgreens pharmacy. It’s probably worth noting that Walgreens itself has plans to close a large number of stores, although those locations have not yet been announced.

Lowell’s Rite Aid will remain open for non-prescription sales through August 18, according to a store employee. That person noted that some new inventory may come in but that is up to the liquidator managing the closing sale.

Already, many shelves in the store are looking bare, and sale prices vary by category. For instance, seasonal items are 30% off, fragrance and cosmetics are 20% off and housewares are 10% off. As of July 4, there were no sale signs posted in the food or over-the-counter medication aisles. An employee said that discounts will increase as the store gets closer to its final closing date.

With the closure of Rite Aid, residents are now left with two choices to fill prescriptions in town: Walgreens and Meijer.

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