The Lowell Riddler: April 2024 Solution

The Lowell Riddler is back and hiding medallions in and near the City of Lowell for residents to find. Those who find the medallion will be rewarded with Lowell Bucks and bragging rights! Special thanks to the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the competition this year by providing the prizes this year.

Here’s the winner and solution to the April 2024 riddle:

Congratulations to Dawn Gamble and Angenette Reedy!


Clue #1
How two brothers escape
On vinyl as well as on tape.
(Allman Brothers song “One Way Out”)

A slapstick routine
Most of it mean.
(Three Stooges – Moe & Curly Howard)

A bank in pretty good shape.
(Riverside Drive Riverbank)


Clue #2
A stern professor or Dean.
(Howard Stern & Howard Dean)

A friend to Muhammad Ali.
(Howard Cosell)

‘Round cattail bend,
(Adjacent to where the Lowell Showboat turned the corner)

All the way to the end.
(The end of Howard Street)

Everything Jake as can be.
(The corner of the 70+ year owned Jake Callier property)

Riddler of the Year Competition

Whoever solves the most riddles will be named Riddler of the Year!

In case of a tie, the player with the fastest solve will be declared Riddler of the Year

Tie-breaker time to beat the current leaders, Dawn Gamble and Angenette Reedy:
1 Week, 1 Day, 6 Hours, 41 Minutes

Prize: $50 in Lowell Bucks
Good at more than 60 Lowell businesses and restaurants!

Here’s what the winners had to say about their search:

We had a lot of theories that we were working through, but the main thing we figured was that Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell were friends and so we thought we needed to look at Howard St and with the cattails bend all the way to the end, we went to where Howard street ends and started looking around there and found it on the post.

We have participated since the beginning. We have a blast trying to find the medallion. We get out on our bikes and search and have met a lot of great people along the way. We have been close many times. This is our first time finding the medallion. 

We hope everyone enjoyed this round, and The Riddler will be back in May!

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