The Lowell Riddler: Riddle #20 Solved!

The Lowell Riddler has been hiding medallions all over town this year and awarding prizes of gift certificates to those who find them. While the Riddler is taking a hiatus, they went out with a bang — offering their biggest prize pack ever.

Congratulations goes to Mark Weaver for cracking the clues. Here’s what he told the Riddler:

“Clue #1 had me at Burch Field…starting line-up, etc, and there was an old scoreboard lying on its face there (the sign you can’t read). Then last night it hit me- baseball….starters half the time in the outfield….and then the clincher was the Some feet below clue…dugout. Clue #2 verified it all and focused the search at Creekside Park dugouts. Then it was a matter of crawling around and looking under benches near 3rd base.”.

Here’s what else The Lowell Riddler sent us when announcing the winner and the answers behind the riddle:



   Mark Weaver from Lowell!


He won a prize pack that includes Lowell Bucks from Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce
and Canfield Plumbing & Heating
gift certificates to Main Street BBQ, Keiser’s Kitchen, Sneaker’s, Big Boiler Brewery, Ball’s Softee Crème.

Plus, more Lowell Bucks!


Here are the answers:

Clue #1

For starters, you’re here half the time,
On the baseball bench.
The others wait all in a line.
The non-starters sitting on the bench.
Some stay here. Some go.
Non-starters stay, starters go to the field.
Some feet there below.
Player’s feet dangling below the bench.
Look here if you can’t read the sign.
The coach on the bench.

Clue #2

Beyond the door and fence,
Park entrance & fence to the ball field.
Around the ads and hence,
Sponsorship signs on outfield wall.
Semi in shape,
Outfield wall semi-circle in shape.
Third safe escape,
Near third base.
In a cage where it all makes sense.
Team fence area with bench.

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