10 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for 2018

As we wind down the year, it’s always interesting to look back and see which articles resonated most with you, our readers. We published 401 articles in 2018, and here are the top ten in terms of views on our website.

10. City Council Recap: Development Plan for Unity High School Site Unveiled

The former Unity High School building has sat vacant for years, but that may be changing soon. Developers are proposing to convert the old bus garage to condos and turn the school building into a mix of business and residential uses. Residents were intrigued by the plan, and this was our tenth most-read article of the year.

9. Breaking News: Noel Dean Steps Down as Lowell Football Head Coach

Noel Dean is a Lowell institution, having led the varsity football team on a run of unparalleled success. However, all good things must come to an end, and Dean made a surprise announcement over the summer to say he was leaving football to focus on a job opportunity.

8. Lowell Graduate Takes to the High Seas as a U.S. Navy Commander

This is one of two profiles of Lowell High School graduates that landed in our top ten articles for 2018. Joel Uzarski has had an illustrious career since leaving our little town and heading to the U.S. Naval Academy. In September, we shared the news of his latest promotion to commanding officer of the USS Gridley.

7. Lowell High School Graduate Soars High With Ozone Filmz

Readers were also interested to learn more about what Eric Dimmick has been doing since graduating from Lowell High School in 2017. The entrepreneur launched a cinematography business which weaves his storytelling ability with his love of aviation. The result has been a creative endeavor that has, among other things, produced a set of wildly popular promotional videos for Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce.

6. Fair Community Rallies to Honor Alto Boy

Freddie Oesch was only 10 when he died in a tragic car accident. That was 35 years ago, but Freddie has never been forgotten. Now, his memory will continue to live on thanks to a niece who raised enough money to name the dairy barn on the new fairground in Freddie’s honor. The story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, and it was our sixth most-read article of the year.

5. Changes in Store for Pink Arrow XI

The early start to the school year meant a Thursday game for Pink Arrow XI, and readers wanted to know the details. Not only was this article one of the most read on our website, but it was also widely shared on social media.

4. City Orders End to the Help Yourself Garden

What happens when you’re a new resident in town and want to plant a garden in the right-of-way? Apparently, you get an ordinance violation notice in response. The city argues there are many factors that make gardening in the right-of-way illegal, but the homeowner says the city ordinance clearly states gardens are not to be discouraged. Complicating the situation is apparent bad blood between neighbors and the garden owner. If we had to pick a low point for Lowell in 2018, this would be it. You can read our final thoughts on the situation here.

3. Scenes from Lowell: 2018 Flood Edition

Nearly every Saturday, we post a Scenes from Lowell that shows, in photographs, happenings around the community. Our most popular Scenes from Lowell edition – and the third most popular article of the year – included photos from the February flooding of the Grand River. Special thanks goes to Jeff Ostrander for letting us publish his aerial photos both in this article and on Facebook throughout the flooding event.

2. Burger King is Coming Back to Lowell

People had strong opinions about this article with some cheering the return of Burger King and others lamenting that the city wouldn’t be getting a different fast food chain instead. However, the fact remains that the Planning Commission ok’d a site plan review for Burger King and if all goes well, it should open later in the spring for business.

1. Surprising Sight in Flat River Causes Concern

After stopping a few hearts with our “news” that the biodigester would be reopening in 2017, we decided to take a different tact for our 2018 April Fools’ Day article. This one was a hit and was hands-down our number one most read and most shared article for 2018.

What was your favorite article for 2018? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Have an article idea for 2019? We’d love to hear that too.


  1. This absolutely sickens me. Laura had a garden in Urbana. She was heralded as the community leader and innovator she is. I have literally never met a person more willing to do anything to improve her community. Here, she had the community connections and friends to get things done. Often she opened her home to hold fundraisers for those less fortunate.
    It’s appalling to me to think the neighbors would have a problem with feeding people. Poor them! What is it? A little more traffic on the street? To FEED PEOPLE AT NO COST? What selfish simpletons!
    I can tell you, I would welcome her back into our community with open arms! But then again, we are progressive enough to understand sometimes we may have to put up with a little more traffic to elevate a community. Growth sometimes hurts. But, I’m not convinced that is the issue. Sometimes simpletons have nothing better to do with their time than to focus on jealousy. And you know what? I get it! They obviously are not capable of the type of high-end executive functioning it takes to think outside themselves enough to even allow a few extra sets of boots on their PUBLIC sidewalks.
    I went to visit Laura in Lowell. I had planned to spend at least a few weekends a year there. I left thinking it was a cute little town. Laura ushered us to several restaurants and businesses. I bought several meals and items for my home while there.
    After this…I would be hard-pressed to EVER visit again. The good ole boy network up there is repulsive.
    When I think of the type of community advocate they had, and what they did to her for it… they should all be ashamed. If they knew what was best for them, they would be begging her forgiveness and giving her a stipend to keep that garden. You know…for their citizens! The ones who elect them and pay their salaries!

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