Lowell High School Graduate Soars High with Ozone Filmz

Eric Dimmick graduated from Lowell High School in 2017.  Prior to graduation, he created his own business and has been making a name for himself in the cinematography industry ever since.  Most recently he worked with the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce on a collaborative video showcasing why the Lowell community is the place to live, raise a family, play, shop, and visit.  

Being Part of the Digital Age
Dimmick grew up as part of a generation where technology is a normal part of life.  News, communication, some forms of education, photography, video, and more rely on how technology has developed and become accessible to the general public.  The digital world has changed many aspects of life. When it comes to creating a video, digital technology has made capturing moments and creating a story a growing field.

Three and a half years ago, a friend introduced Dimmick to a first generation GoPro and what could be made with video footage.  “I remember being so annoyed at how long the video took to make, but everything changed for me when I saw what my friend was able to create.” he reflects.  The experience, which he added to his exploration of drone technology, led to an experiment of his own. He strapped a knock-off version of a GoPro to a drone.  “From there, my fascination with aerial imaging took off and I soon invested my life into all avenues of cinematography.” His creative, drone’s eye view has since been capturing moments in a unique way.

Ozone Filmz was created in February 2017.  Inspired by an initial interest in drones and aviation, Dimmick talks of his business name choice explaining, “There is an ozone layer of earth’s atmosphere very high up, and I chose to name the company after the concept of using my drones to capture out of this world imagery in the ‘ozone’ layer.”  Those who are familiar with Dimmick’s work think he’s on course for great things.

Sky’s the Limit
Corporate films, event highlights, travel films, and weddings are just a few of the projects Ozone Filmz has been involved in.  Dimmick specializes in storytelling. He looks for his viewers to follow along and experience what is being seen, ending with some sort of personal impact.  His goal of engaging his audience is definitely felt in his favorite project to date. After coming up with the initial concept, he worked with the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce to tell the story of why the Lowell area is the next place to be – and for many the only place to be.

Being able to showcase his hometown was an honor and privilege.  As the saying goes, “Red Arrows for life.” Dimmick welcomed the opportunity to work for his home community and give back.  However, his final product also makes the community proud to have such a person as one of its members. The process of filming footage and putting it all together as a final product can be tedious.  But for Dimmick, the effort is worth the outcome.

While his roots are in Lowell, Dimmick has traveled the world using his skills to create a portfolio.  He welcomes opportunities and customers close to home and across the globe.

Making His Mark
Dimmick is a young entrepreneur with a bright future.  His creative, artistic look at cinematography, wish to touch the lives of others through his work, and mature center of gravity sets his product apart from others.  His schedule in the coming months is filling with wedding events and other projects. But his biggest production in the works is the second installment of the Lowell campaign.  Footage will be collected during upcoming community events and a final video is anticipated to be revealed in the fall.

Those interested in seeing what Ozone Filmz has already created can take a look at their webpage.  Dimmick enjoys discussing expectations for a final product, ensuring his storytelling meshes with customers’ visions.  “For the future, I hope to extend my video to a wider reach of audiences. Producing digital content, with the widest demographic and geographic reach, with a common goal of telling the world’s stories and creating an impact with each and every video production.” he remarks.  If you haven’t already heard of Eric Dimmick and his ability to captivate an audience, you will begin to hear his name and of his work more frequently as his business grows and develops.

Follow Eric on Facebook to see where some of his cinematography adventures take him.  And if you’re interested in having him produce a video for you, contact him.  

Photos provided by Eric Dimmick and used with permission.

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