2021 Lowell City Council Candidate Profile: Jake Davenport

Jake Davenport is hoping the third time will be the charm. The 27-year-old has unsuccessfully run for Lowell City Council twice in the past, but he feels like this might be his year to shine. Davenport is one of four candidates running for three seats on Lowell City Council in the November 2021 general election.

“Being older helps me immensely,” he says. “I’m more mature than I was the last two times.”

The lifelong resident of Lowell has been meeting with voters since February and can be found sitting in the audience during almost every city council meeting. He has long been involved in Boy Scout Troop 102, rising to the Star rank as a student before becoming an adult volunteer. Davenport has been a part of the Community Center Committee since 2019, and earlier this year, he was appointed to a position on the Downtown Historic District Commission.

“My greatest life’s passion is serving others,” Davenport says. “I want to be in a position where I can have the greatest impact for good.”

As the only non-incumbent in the race, he is hoping City of Lowell voters will give him a chance to follow through on his campaign promises and work to move the community forward.

Ambitious Goals if Elected

Davenport has big plans for what he’ll work on if elected.

For starters, he’d like to streamline the city’s ordinances, which he says can be confusing. Plus, there may be older ordinances that are no longer enforced. In that case, those should be removed.

As for roads, Davenport would like to advocate more forcefully to legislators that action needs to be taken to reform the state funding system. “The system we’ve got does not work,” he says.

Closer to home, the candidate wants to help businesses thrive and prosper. He thinks the city should work in tandem with the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce to shape a vibrant local economy that fosters business growth.

On the other hand, Davenport says the city should stop micromanaging residents and what they do with their property. He is a strong proponent of property rights and points to the situation involving the Help Yourself Garden as one example of government overreach.

“We need to get the government out of people’s lives and off their backs,” Davenport says.

Not Planning to be a “Stereotypical Politician”

Davenport holds a bachelor’s degree from Ferris State University and has worked for several years at Encore Floral. As the youngest candidate in the race, Davenport lacks the life experience of some of the other candidates. However, what he doesn’t lack is passion for the job.

“What makes me different from my competitors is that I am driven and ambitious,” he says. “I want the people of Lowell to know how hard I am willing to fight for them.”

Davenport adds that he has no intention of being a “stereotypical politician,” and there won’t be any “smoke and mirrors” with him. “A lot of political figures give hot air,” Davenport notes. “I am going to follow through with what I say.” What’s more, he promises to act quickly to address problems rather than letting them linger.

“I want Lowell to be a place where anyone can move here and chase their American Dream,” he says.

To sum up his reasons for running, Davenport says service is his passion, he wants to give back to the community, and he feels being on City Council is where he can make the greatest impact for good.

When asked if he had any final words to share, Davenport says simply: “Please vote for me on November 2nd.”

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