2023 General Election Preview for Lowell, Michigan

The 2023 general election is happening tomorrow, Nov. 7, 2023.

It will be a short ballot for everyone with one millage request for most area township residents, and a millage request and city council election for registered voters in the City of Lowell. Polls will be open from 7am to 8pm, and you can vote in person at the following locations, depending on your residency:

  • City of Lowell: 301 E. Main Street
  • Lowell Charter Township: 2910 Alden Nash Ave. SE
  • Vergennes Township: 69 Lincoln Lake Ave. NE
  • Bowne Township: 8240 Alden Nash Ave. SE
  • Keene Township: 8505 Potters Rd (Saranac)

To confirm your polling place, whether you are registered to vote and to see a sample ballot, visit the state-run Michigan Voter Information Center.

If you are not yet registered to vote, you can register in person at your polling place tomorrow.

City and Township Residents Will Vote on Kent District Library Millage

Kent County residents living in the City of Lowell, Vergennes Township, Lowell Charter Township and Bowne Township will have the opportunity to vote on a millage request from Kent District Library.

Currently, property owners pay 1.2355 mills to support the library system. KDL is asking residents to renew the millage but at a lower rate of 1.1 mills.

This press release from Kent District Library has further information.

Keene Township Residents Will Vote on a Solar Ordinance Amendment

In Keene Township, voters will be asked whether to keep a solar ordinance amendment that was approved on April 24, 2023.

Voters can review the ballot language and ordinance amendment in the announcements section on the homepage of the Keene Township website.

City Voters Will Elect Three Councilmembers

Voters in the City of Lowell will be electing three members to Lowell City Council. Mayor Mike DeVore and Councilmember Jim Salzwedel are running for reelection. Challengers Eric Bartkus, Jake Davenport and Sharon Shah are also on the ballot. The term for current Councilmember Cliff Yankovich is expiring this year, but he has opted not to run for reelection.

You can read candidate profiles at the following links:

Eric Bartkus

Jake Davenport

Mike DeVore

Jim Salzwedel

Sharon Shah

Lowell’s First Look also asked candidates the following questions, and you can read their answers at the links below:

What are the three biggest issues facing the City of Lowell and how will you address them?

How should the city address capacity issues in the water and wastewater systems?

What role does Lowell City Council play in the development of housing?

Should Lowell’s marijuana ordinance be changed?

Why should residents vote for you?

Stay tuned to Lowell’s First Look for city council election results tomorrow.

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