5 Most Popular Articles on Lowell’s First Look for December 2021

Earlier in the week, we counted down the top ten articles for 2021. But what about December?

Surprisingly, a lot of people were online reading the news in December, a month we normally would have expected lower page views given the busy holiday season. However, two of the top articles from December were also among the top articles for the year.

The following were the most-read articles, based on website views, during December 2021.

5. Scenes from Lowell: Middle School Addition Edition


Despite being published only a few days ago, this article managed to land in the No. 5 spot for the month. We were invited to get a sneak peek of the Lowell Middle School addition and shared photos of what we saw in this edition of Scenes from Lowell. The school’s new wing will welcome students for the first time in January.

4. Retro Electric Arcade Open for Business

Retro Electric Arcade is generating some buzz in Lowell, and this article would undoubtedly be ranked higher if it had been published earlier in the month. However, it took the fourth-place spot on the list even though it was only published a week ago.

3. Press Release: School Threats

After a tragic school shooting in Oxford, Michigan, local school and law enforcement officials met to discuss how to prevent a similar tragedy in West Michigan. A press release outlining those discussions was the third most-read story on Lowell’s First Look in December.

2. New Culver’s Restaurant Breaks Ground

This article was actually published in November and was the number one article last month. Between its November and December stats, it was also the second most read story on our website for the year. Work on the new Culver’s is progressing, and owners are shooting for a spring opening.

1. Sgt. Scot VanSolkema: Caught on Camera

This profile of Sgt. Scot VanSolkema blew past all the articles of the month – receiving more than twice the views of the second-place finisher. We think we know why too. There is a news app that aggregates local news stories. It picked up this profile, and we believe the “caught on camera” title may have piqued people’s interest. However, rather than anything scandalous, readers were treated to a story about a Lowell police officer who remains unflustered even in unusual circumstances.

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