Brody’s Be Cafe Coffee Cart Debuts at Lowell Middle School

Brody’s Be Cafe is looking at opening its doors sometime this fall.  Preparations continue and additional staff is currently being sought. Although the new business has not officially opened, various opportunities are available for businesses and individuals to support the efforts behind the cafe.  The Lowell Middle School (LMS) ARROWS class is helping support Brody’s Be Cafe by taking ownership of a coffee cart.  

Coffee Cart Takes to School Halls

The idea of having a coffee cart to be used in businesses and schools was inspired by other coffee shops with similar ideas.  Rachel Stadt, one of the managers at Brody’s Be Cafe, has been working on putting together carts.  

The LMS ARROWS class is made up of students in general education who team up with special education students in Mrs. Greenhoe’s class.  “This group of kids are definitely “bridging the gap” to show that we are not really all that different. The coffee cart will support that idea 100%.” say Jenny Cole, the LMS teacher behind Brody’s Be Cafe.  

The cart will be run as a small business in the school, managed by the ARROWS class.  Students will take the cart around school selling coffee to teachers and staff. They will make change when needed upon payment, work on developing social skills, serve coffee, and learn other aspects of business.  Students involved with the cart will sport Brody’s Be Cafe aprons making them official representatives of the business. Businesses or schools who are interested in having a cart on location can select a basic or deluxe cart as well as a rental option.  

Be Yourself

Brody’s Be Cafe aims to be a destination where customers are encouraged to “BElieve”, “BElong”, “BE Positive”, and more.  Employees with special needs will be able to work at the cafe. Through a GoFundMe fundraiser, supporters have already donated over $25,000 to support Cole’s effort.  Businesses can also “purchase” the front window of the cafe’s location. Through this sponsorship the business name will be displayed on the front window.  Proceeds from this sponsorship will be used to buy seasonal or holiday decorations.  

Those interested in a coffee cart, window “purchase”, or have any questions are encouraged to send an email or contact Brody’s Be Cafe through their website.  Cole is targeting an official opening in the coming weeks.  The cafe’s Facebook page will keep fans updated on interviews for employment and an official opening date.  

Photos courtesy of Jenny Cole and used with permission.

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