Chamber Foundation Awards Ivan K Blough Scholarship

Andrew Strouse (l) and Mike Blough

We received the following press release from the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation.


This year’s recipient of the Ivan K Blough Scholarship is Andrew Strouse, a recent graduate of Lowell’s Unity Alternative High School. Andrew comes to us with strong references from his employer and from a mom of a daughter Andrew mentored for a fair project.

Andrew was raised in Lowell on a small hobby farm. From the time he could walk, Andrew loved to be outdoors. His parents were both involved in the 4-H program, and Andrew soon followed in their footsteps. He started raising and showing animals when he 4 years old. From this experience he learned responsibility, work ethics and pride. As a youngster, these traits led him to tinker with mechanical projects. One of his successes was making a broken-down go-kart work! From that point on, his love for engines began, and he continued to work on small projects for his family and friends. By age 14, Andrew’s mind was made up to become a diesel mechanic.

Andrew attended KCTC’s diesel program for 2 years at Kent ISD in Grand Rapids. After a representative from Lincoln Tech came to talk to their class, he knew that he was going to attend there after High School. That is exactly what Andrew will be doing for the next 17 months!

The Ivan K Blough Scholarship committee is extremely happy to award Andrew $4000 towards his career in diesel technology! Many congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful future

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