City Council Recap: Concerns Raised about Utility Work

It only took 14 minutes for Lowell City Council to take care of business during its meeting last night. There were no new or old items to discuss which left councilmembers to approve the consent agenda and hear citizen concerns before adjourning for the night. All councilmembers were present.

The consent agenda is approved during every regular meeting, and it is a grouping of items that general need no discussion. Last night’s consent agenda included:

  • Approval of the agenda
  • Approval of the minutes from the September 30, 2021 meeting of Lowell City Council
  • Authorization for payment of outstanding invoices in the amount of $713,194.93.

After unanimously approving the consent agenda, councilmembers opened the floor for citizen comments.

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Perry Beachum, a Riverside Drive resident and chair of the Lowell Light & Power Board, provided an update on a resident concern. During the last meeting, a resident of Conservation Trail shared that a utility box had been moved and holes were left in her siding. After the meeting, Lowell Light & Power General Manager Charlie West visited the home and determined the box did not belong to Lowell Light & Power.

Beachum subsequently was in the area and noted that work completed in the neighborhood was subpar with utility pedestals in all different positions. “It’s not attractive,” Beachum said. “The City of Lowell needs to hold them to a higher standard.”

Although not stated explicitly, it was implied the utility work in question was completed for Point Broadband. Councilmember Jim Salzwedel said that work was done near his home and some yards were never reseeded with new grass.

After Beachum spoke, a resident from Sibley Street noted similar issues with areas of his lawn left with dirt and gravel after work was done. He also noted a guy-wire from a utility pole was removed but the anchor left in the ground.

It was unclear whether the issues on Sibley Street were the result of utility work or a road project completed several years back, but the resident had the same message as Beachum: the city needs to better oversee work being completed in town.

Mayor Mike DeVore confirmed the Sibley address, and both speakers were thanked for sharing their comments.

During councilmember comments at the close of the meeting, Councilmember Marty Chambers thanked Sgt. Scot Van Solkema for attending Coffee with Council meetings on the first Saturday of the month. Chambers appreciated that a representative of the Lowell Police Department was there to meet with residents and respond to concerns, as needed.

The meeting adjourned at 7:14pm. The next regular meeting of Lowell City Council will take place on Monday, October 18, at 7pm on the second floor of City Hall.

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