Furnishing Lowell for Nearly a Year

Mi Hometown Furnishings has a lot to celebrate next month.  The business will soon celebrate its first year in Lowell.  The owners, Ken and Heather Palcowski, will also welcome their second child in March.  And the Palcowski family hasn’t spent much time sitting still in the past year, opening another new store location on 28th Street near Woodland Mall named Great Lakes Furnishings.  We caught up with Heather Palcowski to see what else they have been up to and what’s coming up.

Best of the Bunch
Prior to the opening of Mi Hometown Furnishings last year, the Palcowskis weren’t sure what they were getting into.  Sure, they had the experience with owning a business, but this was different.  It was more personal.  It was in their hometown.  

They took the leap, with Heather managing the Lowell location.  About a month after opening a grand opening celebration was scheduled.  They didn’t expect people to be lined up on the sidewalk waiting with anticipation for raffle winners to be drawn.  They didn’t expect to raise and donate enough funds to Pink Arrow Pride to be listed as a sponsor on t-shirts.  They didn’t expect this store location to be their best performing.  But all of it happened.  

The success of the layout, feel, and available merchandise at Mi Hometown Furnishings has inspired the Muskegon location to transition to a similar model.  Last July Great Lakes Furnishings open its doors, based on the success of the Lowell location.  

A Story of Success
From the beginning, Mi Hometown Furnishings has been welcomed in Lowell.  It’s another reason to not have to leave the community to make a purchase.  Offering furniture and a wide variety of home accessories, the store has something for everyone.  “We truly believe the success of Mi Hometown has to do with the amazing support from our community.   We get so many people coming in that say they heard from so and so or from another local business that they had to check us out.  Word of mouth is a great advertiser and Lowell is a such a supportive community!” explains Heather Palcowski.  

Open seven days a week, customers are able to find a convenient day and time to shop.  A variety of products and price points makes it easy for anyone to find something to fit a style and budget.   A handful of vendors have also been invited to sell products in the store.  Signs and Michigan related pillows are among the most popular accessories sold.  

When it comes to furniture, the England Furniture line has been the most popular, in part because of the ability to customize pieces.  Huntington House is another company being added to the offerings as an expansion of custom options.  The new line will be the only place on the west side of Michigan where the brand is offered.  Huntington House allows customers to decide intricate details such as leg finish, arm type, nail head finish, and back pillow type.  “People who have a very specific sofa or sectional in mind will be able to get exactly what they want.” says Palcowski.  

The Future Looks Bright
Mi Hometown Furnishings will continue to be a positive addition to the Lowell community.  They’ll provide exceptional service, quality products, and contribute to the community.  Helping non-profit organizations with donations, participating in events like Girls’ Night Out and Christmas Through Lowell, the business has placed some stable roots within the community.  

Looking ahead, a one year anniversary celebration will be planned, but a date will be determined after the Palcowski’s new addition joins the family.  Heather would also like to offer workshops in the future.  

And of course a focus on having a variety of furniture and home accessories available will continue.  The Palcowskis are encouraged by their success so far.  “We are so appreciative to the Lowell community for their support and we hope that we continue to offer exceptional quality home items at affordable pricing.  We strive to have something for everyone and at every price level “ concludes Heather.  Look for Mi Hometown Furnishings to continue to be a positive addition to the Lowell community.  

Stop by Mi Hometown Furnishings at 312 E. Main St. Hours of operation are 10am – 6pm Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10am – 8pm Monday and Thursday, and 12pm – 5pm on Sunday.  “Like” them on Facebook to stay up to date on what’s going on at the store.  

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