Greg Canfield Elected to Lowell City Council

In an election that saw high voter turnout, Greg Canfield was elected to the Lowell City Council today by a wide margin.

According to results posted by the city clerk, the final tally was:

  • Greg Canfield: 1,176
  • Jeff Altoft: 519
  • Write-In: 14

Surrounded by a small group of supporters, Canfield expressed gratitude and a desire to move beyond the contentious election. “I think voters have spoken,” he said. “Now we move to the positive.”

Greg Canfield Wins Lowell City Council

Greg Canfield waits for the election results with some supporters.

Lowell City Council Election

Students Dakota McCall and Colton Prill helped on election day with exit polling.

Greg Canfield Wins Lowell City Council

Lowell high school students talk to voters for exit polling outside City Hall.

Note: This article was updated on November 9, 2016 to reflect the finalized vote tally for each candidate.

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