Keeping Lowell Safe: Police Beat for August 2023

Traffic stops were down in Lowell during August, but the number of calls made to the Lowell Police Department were up in a number of categories. Those included non-aggravated assaults, stalking/harassment, family issues, disorderly conduct, traffic accidents and more.

In total, the Lowell Police Department filed 235 case reports in August 2023, including the following:

  • 44 assists to other agencies
  • 20 suspicious situations
  • 19 pistol permits and sales
  • 13 general and motorist assists
  • 11 traffic accidents
  • 7 non-aggravated assaults
  • 5 disorderly conduct
  • 4 breaking and entering
  • 3 stalking/harassment
  • 3 retail fraud
  • 2 larcenies

Lowell officers also made 47 traffic stops that resulted in 9 citations.

Confrontation on Trail

One evening around 8:30pm, a resident noticed two people on dirt bikes driving on the trails around the pond behind Cherry Creek Elementary School.

The resident took out their phone, presumably to record them. One person on a dirt bike knocked the phone out of the resident’s hand as they drove past. The prosecutor apparently declined to press charges in the case.

Breaking and Entering at Exclusive

Exclusive, a marijuana business on W. Main Street, was the victim of breaking and entering. The incident occurred at about 4:30am, and the perpetrators apparently smashed a window to gain access.

Unlike previous thefts at marijuana stores, in this case, the thief left some evidence behind. It is currently being analyzed by the state lab to help identify the person.

Motor Vehicle Theft

A juvenile took their parents’ car, and the theft was reported to the Lowell Police Department. Once recovered, one parent did not want to press charges so the case was not forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

Drunk and Disorderly at the Wrong House

A resident called police when a person began banging on their door one evening. The individual at the door was drunk and was trying to get inside the wrong house. In fact, the individual was so far from home that they were on the wrong side of the Flat River.

Call About Lawn Leads to Arrest

Police were called to Key Vista to respond to a complaint about a lawn dispute between neighbors.

In the course of talking to the parties involved, police discovered one person was in violation of a personal protection order. The person was babysitting at the home of a girlfriend who had previously requested the PPO.

The issues between the couple had apparently been resolved, and the woman had asked that the PPO be dropped. However, that request apparently hadn’t been filed correctly, and the PPO was still in effect. As a result, police had to arrest the individual for being in violation of the order.

Malicious Destruction with Watermelon

A juvenile apparently got in trouble with their parents for being out late and had their gaming system taken away. In retaliation, the minor apparently took watermelon and smeared it all over the parents’ bedroom. The parents called police and that resulted in a charge of malicious destruction of property.

Traffic Accidents Could Be Prevented

Traffic accidents in August included three vehicles being rear-ended, three instances of cars backing up into something and several failure-to-yield collisions. Police Chief Chris Hurst notes distractions often lead to these accidents and reminds residents that state law prohibits people from holding their phone while driving.

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