New Owner at Dery Physical Therapy

Last month Erin Dressander purchased Dery Physical Therapy from Cass Kilyanek. The business, located at 901 W. Main. While ownership has changed, Kilyanek will remain on as part of the staff. “He was ready to retire from Practice Management but not yet ready to be done treating patients, so he will remain in practice and continue to treat patients,” comments Dressander.

Erin Dressander PT, MSPT, CLT; photo courtesy of Dery Physical Therapy

Life-Long Resident Ready for Opportunity

Dressander was born and raised in Lowell having attended Alto Elementary before being a student at the middle school and high school. She and her husband have three boys, two in middle school and one at Murray Lake Elementary School.

Dery Physical Therapy opened 20 years ago and since then Kilyanek has grown the business and given back to the community. Dressander plans on continuing those efforts. She is eager to serve Lowell saying “private practice allows you the opportunity to treat patients how you want to treat them”.

New Services Offered

Dery Physical Therapy offers orthopedics, sports medicine, hand, and TMJ services, which will continue. Dressander adds that pelvic floor, as well as vestibular services for female and male adult patients, will be an addition to what is offered. These services deals include helping with bladder and bowel issues and conditions like vertigo, lack of balance or a history of falls.

Some of the most common areas people seeking treatment for are neck pain or headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain. “Physical Therapy is a conservative treatment that allows the individual, with guidance, to be able to help heal themselves and get an individual back to living their life before their injury. The power is truly in their hands!” says Dressander.

Ryan Gowing PT, DPT; photo courtesy of Dery Physical Therapy

The office has a staff of five, all of whom are eager to help patients. They are excited about offering individualized treatment with one-on-one treatment sessions. Most insurances are accepted and self-pay is also an option.

This year Dery Physical Therapy is hosting an angel tree for the Salvation Army. Anyone in the community is invited, whether you’re a patient or not, to take an ornament to help someone in need this holiday season.

For more information about Dery Physical visit their website or Facebook page

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