November Lowell Police Department Cases and Calls

The beginning of each month we will be bringing you highlights of cases and calls the Lowell Police Department worked on during the previous month.  Our goal is to show the community the work the department does to keep Lowell safe.  Information for November is below.

November Around Lowell

A fraud case was reported where four credit cards were compromised, possibly by a family member.  The victim is seeking charges over the approximate $3,400 charges.  Two suspects, a 27 year old male and a 28 year old male are being investigated.

Various car/deer accidents.

Numerous calls regarding biodigester odors.

Possession of marijuana with a weapon.

A hunter trespassing on leased property caught on a deer cam.  Social media has been used to help identify the suspect.

An attempted suicide where two police were assaulted by the highly intoxicated subject when responding to the call.  Her family picked her up at Spectrum and are looking into a psychiatric evaluation.

A burglary attempt at a residence in the 1800 block of West Main.  It is thought the suspect believed the home was unoccupied.  After realizing a person was inside the white male wearing a black hoodie and jeans ran away.  The suspect is still at large.

Larceny involving two sets of Goodyear snow tires and one set of Firestone tires valued at $500 per set.  There is no known suspect and time of incident is unknown as the shed where the items were located was unlocked.

In an unlawful entry case a female entered her boyfriend’s parents’ home over a property dispute.  She wanted her personal belongings but was not invited into the residence.

An aggravated stalking where the victim is a Lowell city resident.  An ex-boyfriend is the suspect.  This is still under investigation.  A search warrant was issued for the suspect’s phone and email content.  He is accused of cyberstalking using social media.

Lowell PD assisted the sheriff during the Nov. 4 fatal accident at Alden Nash and Emery.

In the 200 block of S. Jefferson a suspect’s home is under investigation over drug use and distribution.  Through a search warrant a bag of syringes and needles were removed.  An unidentified liquid substance was also removed and sent to the crime lab for testing.

A hit and run which was possibly alcohol related lead to an arrest at the suspect’s home.  The suspect hit a tree in the 2500 block of W. Main when driving off the road.  A witness was able to get a license plate number to police.

A 28 year old male from the Lansing area was driving a stolen car with a stolen license plate.  Lowell PD pursued the vehicle on Alden Nash to the freeway while On Star was used to shut down the vehicle.  The suspect was out on bond from Ingham County for stealing a car.

A first degree retail fraud case, which is a felony, involves a 54 year old resident of Lowell.  She is accused of 63 counts of stolen property.  Through management reviewing security cameras it revealed the suspect was stealing beer, sometimes daily dating back to August 4.  A $2,500 bond was set and the suspect was arraigned on November 18.

An employee at Litehouse noticed vehicle damage in the parking lot.  It is believed this was in retaliation to a road rage incident.

An indecent exposure case involving a minor ended with a 19 year old male suspect turning himself in.  During a conversation with a 16 year old female the suspect exposed himself.

In the 200 block of S. Hudson a 21 year old male from Lowell was pulled over for drunk driving.  He smelled of alcohol and a field sobriety test revealed a .20 blood alcohol level.


  1. Seriously tho that biodigster isant doing nothing they said it would, except releasing toxins in the air right next to our schools.
    On a side note great job boys!

  2. Thank you for this! It is very helpful! I appreciate this and all you do to protect our community!

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