Rank of Eagle Scout Bestowed Upon Lowell High School Students

Andrew Parsons, Colin VanderWarf, and Ivan Reynolds during their Eagle Court of Honors ceremony.

This past weekend three Lowell High School seniors officially earned the highest rank attainable in the Scouts BSA program.  The Eagle Scout designation was given to Andrew Parsons, Ivan Reynolds, and Colin VanderWarf, during an Eagle Court of Honor for the trio.  

Eagle Scout Service Project
Parsons and Reynolds have been part of Troop 102 in Lowell for 12 and 13 years respectively.  The Eagle Project is one of six requirements needed to become an Eagle Scout. Approximately four percent of Boy Scouts are reach the Eagle Scout rank.  

Eagle Scout kerchief received during the ceremony.

The Eagle Project is set up such that the individual pursuing the rank is to lead a project to benefit an organization of his choosing.  The project should benefit the community rather than an individual or a business. The Eagle candidate should lead the effort but not actually construct any portion of the project.  

“I decided to make a library for Bushnell because I had talked to Mrs. Walters and that was one of the things that she wanted.” says Parsons of his project.  “My family is also full of teachers, so they also helped with the idea.” Additionally, a former Eagle from Troop 102 has built similar libraries throughout Lowell so some previous experience was to be had.  Visitors are invited to look for a new book to take and leave books they are finished with to pass along to others.

Prior to the construction phase of the project, a design and budget had to be approved by four adult leaders in the troop.  Once approved, the project itself took 20-25 hours of work which included cutting, assembly, staining, and placement in its final location.  Parsons indicated the frame of the library was a bit of a struggle at first due to measurement issues, but overall “most of it went smooth”. He took away leadership and design skills he looks to continue to develop in work and college.  Additionally, he feels his communication abilities are improved following the experience.

Reynolds’ project took about three weeks to complete.  He oversaw the construction of a produce stand, which is now located in Flat River Outreach Ministries.  “I have always volunteered there and I wanted to see more produce come through the food pantry.” Reynolds says of the endeavor he took on.  He also notes that completing the necessary paperwork for the project was the most challenging, but he learned the “importance of patience while dealing with others old and young” throughout the process.  

Troop 102 in the Community
Boy Scout Troop 102 can be seen throughout the community through a variety of activities.  They do an annual scrap metal drives and have helped during the Lowell Expo taking lunch orders and delivering food for those working booths who find it hard to step away and eat.  

The community will also be able to see Reynolds in the upcoming Lowell High School spring musical.  He portrays Robertson Ay in the production of Mary Poppins.

Photos used in this article are courtesy of the families of Andrew Parsons and Ivan Reynolds and used with permission.


    • If you’re referring to Colin VanderWarf, he is mentioned in the photo caption in which he appears as well as the opening paragraph of the article. He was asked to provide information about his project but did not give us any information by the time of publication of this article.

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