Scenes and Video from Lowell: The Bill Vits Edition

Yesterday at LowellArts Bill Vits entertained children and adults with his Percussion Discussion program.  The program was fun, educational, and entertaining.  The free family concert, part of the House Concert series, was sponsored by Lowell Rotary Club.

Bill showed the audience a variety of instruments.  Some of the first were made out of bones.  Here he’s holding a rib bone of a cow.

He explained the various sounds a bongo drum could make followed by a song using the instrument.

He also brought along some theatrical props, including a mask.  During part of the program Vits also played instruments used for sound effects in movies without any sound from “the olden days”.  A train whistle, car horn, owl, and cuckoo bird were among the sounds explained and heard.

Different types of music can be played using drums, which was demonstrated.

The audience was wowed at Vits played a piece made for a violin on the xylophone.  The xylophone is derived Greek, meaning wooden sound.  He joked about parents purchasing metalophones for kids.

During Wipeout, the youngsters in the audience participated as well.

The introduction to the theremin was one of the highlights of the afternoon.

Bill Vits’ grand finale also had the kids moving to his percussion beats.


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