Scenes from Lowell: Lineworkers Rodeo Edition

For this Scenes from Lowell, we’re hitting the road. A contingent from Lowell Light & Power traveled to Colorado Springs, Colorado over the weekend to participate in the Lineworkers Rodeo. Held annually by the American Public Power Association, the Lineworkers Rodeo is a chance for linemen and women from across the country to show off their skills and attend training to learn how to work more safely and efficiently.

While we were enjoying relative warmth and sun in Michigan, the weather in Colorado Springs was overcast and chilly.

Our linemen didn’t mind though. They’re used to working in weather of all kinds. From left to right, Lowell Light & Power was represented by apprentice Justin Mutschler and journeymen Mark Droog, Rich Mutschler and Steve Shade.

The rodeo was split into journeyman team and apprentice events. Tasks included load transfers, replacing equipment and transferring service to a new pole.

There was also the hurtman rescue in which lineworkers had to bring down a mannequin that was standing in for an injured lineman.

Mark Droog (right) and Rich Mutschler compete in one event up in the air…

…while Steve Shade was on the ground sending up tools.

The APPA Lineworkers Rodeo attracts some of the biggest and best public utilities in the company, and we were proud to have Lowell Light & Power there representing the community so well.

Additional photos of the event can be found in our Instagram account.

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