Scenes from Lowell: Spring Cleaning Edition

It may feel like spring, but it’s here.  Lowell Little League’s spring season starts April 21.  In order to prepare for games, the baseball diamonds at Creekside Park were made game ready.

Hanging signs which indicate businesses who sponsor teams and the league in general are important to hang.  Zip ties are important when hanging these signs.

Time for equipment to come out of the sheds for a new season!

Helmets are included in the equipment the league provides for those who participate and do not have all of the gear.

It’s wouldn’t be a baseball game without bats!  New rules this year mean it’s likely some new bats will need to be purchased to use in games.

Balls hit to the center of this field will travel 200 feet to the fence.

Grooming the infield means finding metal pegs where bases go, preparing the pitcher’s mound, and making the ground level.

Good luck to those participating on a team with Lowell Little League.  Play ball!

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