Scenes from Lowell: Bushnell/Cherry Creek Carnival Edition

Friday, March 24 it was time to have fun at Carnival!!  This annual event is put on by the Bushnell-Cherry Creek Elementary PTO.

Games lined the perimeter.  Plinko, Potty Toss, Ball Bounce, and Hole in One are just a few of the choices.   Parent volunteers help set up various booths in the Cherry Creek Elementary School gym.

Doors opened at 4:30.  Teachers, parents and even middle school and high school students helped run the games.

Smiling faces met volunteers as they checked in as well as families needing to purchase tickets.

The gym remained busy with kids playing games and winning prizes.  The bounce house was also a hit.

The cafeteria was an area to rest and refuel.  Hot dogs and nachos were available.  And for those looking for sweets sno cones and cotton candy were offered.

Mrs. Anderson and her family enjoying some carnival food.

Cake Walk on the stage invites students to play musical sweets.  Tunes play while contestants walk in a circle.  When the music stops participants stop on the nearest number.  At random a number is drawn and whoever is on it is declared the winner.  See those stacks of treats on the tables?  Winners select what they’d like and everyone else receives a piece of candy as a consolation prize.

Bella Cramer shows off her Cake Walk prize.  This game is one put on by the PTO which has become a favorite over the years.

The wait for face painting lined a wall in the cafeteria.  A definite hit with the kids!

Ring Toss is another game from the PTO.  Get a ring on a bottle and it’s yours!

And sometimes you’ve got to enjoy your prize right away.

 Photos taken by volunteers and used with permission.

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