Thank you Fernand Petiot (pronounced pe-TYOO), although most have never heard your name, myriads have enjoyed the often spicy, always delicious beverage you claim to have invented in 1921, the Bloody Mary.  Of course as with any popular mixed beverage, there is always the question of its true origination. But, whether invented by the aforementioned Fernand in France, or in the Hemingway bar at the Ritz Paris, the fact remains, the Bloody Mary is one of the most popular breakfast and brunch drinks today.   Why is this important you may ask?

Main Street BBQ is adding Lowell to the list of popular venues across the county where the Bloody Mary Bar will delight your palate every Sunday.   Whether you are a traditional Bloody Mary drinker, keeping it simplistic with a splash of Worcestershire and a stalk of celery, or you prefer your beverage with an insane amount of garnishes, Main street BBQ will surely please.  An assortment of cheese, bacon or even a radish if that is your pleasure, can be found on the Bloody Mary Bar.

Bloody Mary Glasses

For Michigan’s Canadian friends, feel free to call it a Caesar Bar, and start with a glass of Clamato and a dash of Sriracha.  Perhaps there are some who find the term “Red Snapper” more appealing, it matters not, all are welcome.  


What a perfect fit, the smokey BBQ dishes, with a slightly acidic, savory drink.  For those that prefer something sweeter, Mimosa’s have been added as a special treat.   Of course we could go into the drama of the Mimosa, whether it was created in America, or did it jump a ship from London?   Today is not the day for that sordid tale, although it does involve Alfred Hitchcock, the great story teller himself and the inspiration for many a libation.   

The gloom of January doesn’t have to set the mood.  Lowell has lots to offer, a beautiful river flowing with ice, antique malls where treasures abound, and on Sundays, the new and very popular Bloody Mary Bar where you can see old friends, enjoy a traditional treat and perhaps enjoy a brisk Sunday walk along the river.   Debate if you wish, the origin of the Bloody Mary, or even the proper name, it makes for great conversation and enjoyable company.  

Bloody Mary at the BBQ

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