The Lowell Riddler: June 2024 Solution

The Lowell Riddler is back and hiding medallions in and near the City of Lowell for residents to find. Those who find the medallion will be rewarded with Lowell Bucks and bragging rights! Special thanks to the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the competition this year by providing the prizes this year.

Here’s the winner and solution to the June 2024 riddle:

Congratulations to Cindy, Bill and Isaac Smith of Lowell!


Clue #1
Not quite a sister and brother.
(Near Sibley Street)

Not a King Kong but the other.
(Near Hong Kong Buffet)

Dusty alignment
(The walking trail to Gee Drive)

Completes the assignment.
(Attached to a sign)

Glass in the house is a druther.
(A conservatory – Near Conservatory Woods Condominiums)


Riddler of the Year Competition

Whoever solves the most riddles will be named Riddler of the Year!

In case of a tie, the player with the fastest solve will be declared Riddler of the Year

Tie-breaker time to beat the current leaders, Cindy, Bill and Isaac Smith:
2 Hours and 2 Minutes

Prize: $50 in Lowell Bucks
Good at more than 60 Lowell businesses and restaurants!

Here’s what the winners had to say about their search:

“We found the medallion near Sibley Street and Tractor Supply. We figured out that “not quite a sister and brother” was Sibley – (not siblings). “Not a King Kong but the other” was Hong Kong Buffet. “Dusty alignment completes the assignment “ made us think of space. “Glass in the house is a druther” is a conservatory which lead us to Conservation Trail.”

“Yes. I really feel bad that we found it so quickly, but it was in the first place we looked!”

“The Lowell Riddler has been such a great activity for the Lowell community! What a great idea to get out of the house with my grandson, husband, daughter and her dogs. We look forward to when the clue drops every month. Thank you to the Lowell Chamber for getting us thinking outside of the box and exercising!”

We hope everyone enjoyed this round, and The Riddler will be back in July!

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