The Lowell Riddler Returns This Summer

Has someone been missing from your life this year?

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting The Lowell Riddler’s return, we have good news for you. They are back with a limited run of riddles for the summer months.

Here’s how the season’s riddling will play out:

  • There will be three riddles: one for June, July and August.
  • The first clue will be released the first Wednesday of each month and then each week thereafter.
  • There will be three clues per riddle — the first is expected to be mind-bendingly hard and the last should be a giveaway.
  • Prize for each riddle will be $50 Lowell Bucks

The scaled down schedule is largely a result of the pandemic being in the past and life being busy again. Like the rest of us, the Riddler is someone with a job and other obligations to work around, and we are grateful they are still able to devote time to creating this fun community event.

If you are new to the area or unfamiliar with the Lowell Riddler, the riddling is essential a community-wide scavenger hunt to find a medallion that looks like this:

The Riddler hides the medallion and then releases clues — in the form of riddles — as to its location. Find the medallion and win a prize!

Searching for the medallion is open to everyone and anyone — the more, the merrier. No need to register or fill out any forms. Simply watch for the latest clue and go looking. When the first clue is released, we will have a banner at the top of the Lowell’s First Look website that will indicate whether the medallion has been found.

And here are the riddle instructions as provided to us by The Lowell Riddler.  Please note that the Riddler no longer has a P.O. Box for snail mail, but you can reach them via email.

Riddling Instructions:

The medallion search-area includes the City of Lowell and nearby township locations linked to the city by sidewalk or trail.

When You Find the Medallion: Immediately, take a selfie while holding the medallion in the location that you found it. Then email the selfie, your name, the location you found it, along with your mailing address and phone number to [email protected]. Your Lowell Bucks prize will be mailed to you and your selfie will be published on the Lowell’s First Look web page. The medallion is yours to keep as a memory of riddling expertise.

Always Remember: Hidden medallions are accessible 24 hours a day. They will always be hidden in the City of Lowell and nearby township locations linked to the city by sidewalk or trail. They will never be on private property. They will never be in the cemetery. They will never be buried in the ground. You may have to move grass or leaves or remove a covering of colored tape to see the medallion. The hidden medallions will always be reachable by an adult. Medallions could be hanging on a string or rubber band or attached by a magnet.

Your participation in this activity is purely voluntary. Please respect slippery conditions and crossing busy streets. Most of all, have fun solving the riddle.

Questions? Have a question about the rules or a technical question about the possible placement of a hidden medallion? Please direct all your questions to [email protected].

Comments? The Lowell Riddler loves comments! Email us! Give us a review on the Lowell’s First Look web page or Facebook page! Above all, have fun!

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