Top 10 Things to Do While On Coronacation

Spring break is next week, but you’re not going anywhere. That’s right. There will be no vacation this April…instead the entire state of Michigan is on a coronacation.

What is a coronacation? It’s like a vacation, but there’s no beach, sand or fun involved. Ok, that’s not quite right. We know lots of you are making the best of it and holding game nights, movie nights and backyard campfire nights to pass the time.

However, others may be struggling a bit to come up with how to fill the long hours you’re stuck, er safe, at home. For you, our friends, we are here to help.

In these days of crazy uncertainty, Lowell’s First Look wants to take a moment to look at the brighter side. There are so many things we just never find the time to finish. Well, thanks to the coronavirus, you now have time. So much time. So very, very much time.

So we’ve compiled a Top Ten list of things to do while you’re in hiding from COVID-19.

#10. Clean out that junk drawer.

Who knows what treasures you will find? Maybe there will be pipe cleaners for your child’s at-home craft project, a lifetime supply of pens or the iPod Nano you lost in 2010. If you’re lucky, you’ll have multiple junk drawers in your house and be able to fill several days with this fun to-do task.

#9. Create your own Dewey Decimal System at home.

Remember the Dewey Decimal System? The library just isn’t the same now that everything is computerized. Introduce your children to the magic of a bygone era by setting up your home library using this bewildering and complex system of numbers. After you have taught your kids how to look up books on index cards, pull out the boom box and have them try their hand at making a mixtape from the radio so they can fully appreciate the trials you endured in childhood.

#8. Organize your spice cupboard.

There is cardamom buried in the back of your cupboard. It is lonely. Go pull it out and make something with it.

#7. Organize your family photos.

Hat tip to all you scrapbookers who are way ahead of the game here. For everyone else, this is time to organize the 23,678 photos you have on your computer or stuffed in shoe boxes in your basement. If you really dedicate yourself to this task, you might get done before the stay-at-home order expires.

#6. Play a board game with your kids.

Your kids always want to play board games, and you always say there isn’t time. Well break out the Monopoly, Mom and Dad! Because you may actually have time to finish a game now.

#5. Wash your windows.

The future always looks brighter through clean windows, you know.

#4. Practice staring pensively out of the window.

Now that your windows are clean, it’s time to perfect the art of dramatically staring out of them. Someday, you might be in the same room with someone who is not a family member, and this is a skill to have if you’d like to look both mysterious and sophisticated when they enter the room. It also doubles as an excellent way to scare neighbor children off your lawn. Just shift your facial expression from pensive to menacing.

#3. Put on a fresh coat of paint.

You know all those rooms you’ve been meaning to update? Now is the perfect time to add a coat of paint to the walls and liven up your living space.

#2 Find one of the 10,000 free online college courses and learn something new.

If you haven’t heard of MOOCs before, you have now. These Massive Open Online Courses let you learn everything from languages to computer science through free courses offered by some of the nation’s leading colleges and universities.

And the top thing to do while in confinement….

#1 Learn how to never worry about a toilet paper shortage again.

You’ll find everything you need here.


Credit goes to Tina Dickerman for coming up with this article idea and compiling the list.

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